Sometimes …… You get these flashes of inspirations. Something that you want to create or something that you want to do.
And for me being ALL IN on life and business is just giving yourself permission to express what wants to be expressed through you.

Whatever else is going on.
Even if the timing is off when you logical think about it.
Because I am already in the middle of a launch (My Business Alignment Mastery program.) And I have already a couple of other things that I am launching the coming week. (My money is Love program and my Business Alignment workshop)

When something wants out, you just better DO it.

So I am writing you this blog for two reasons:

1. To share my new ALL IN Mastermind with you.

HERE it is. FREAKING excited about this.

2. AND, to share what going ALL IN means to me.

(And just to be clear, this is what going ALL IN means for ME. For you, this could look completely different. The ALL IN Mastermind is about finding out how YOUR ALL IN life looks like.)

For me going ALL IN means:

*Asking my Soul every day what it wants to create (and doing it!)

*Overcoming all my excuses to live my most aligned life.

*Doing the inner work on a hardcore level.
Because I know that I create my reality. So if things don’t go as I know they can go, there is always some things inside ME that is blocking what I want to manifest.
It’s up to me (and my coaches) to figure out what I really believe and where that is not in alignment with what I want to create and shift that.
And we tent to run away from doing the inner work. Because we don’t see it as THAT important. Because most people walk around with the belief that you can only achieve results with taking action.
But when you are aligned, not that much action is really needed.
And when you are taking action from a place of disalignment, you can take all the actions in the world, and they won’t take you anywhere.
So I journal and I write every day. And even MORE when I feel stressed or when things aren’t flowing the way they usually do.

* Giving myself permission to be totally free.
To do what I want, when I want it.
To never say yes when I feel no.
To say what I want to say.
To be who I AM.
To email as much as I want to email
To launch as many programs as I want to launch.
To change programs or whatever when they don’t feel aligned.

* Be vulnerable and real and share my feelings and my fears.
Even though people will think of me as flakey, or not being a good leader or a good example or whatever it is they project onto me.
Even though experts told me it will cost me customers and people won’t take me seriously anymore (I am still working on shifting that belief!)

* Taking good care of myself.
Eating what my body wants to.
Taking long walks.
Meditate and visualize.
Write in my alignment journal.
Driving around in my car, listening to audiobooks and Abraham Hicks as long as I want.
Taking long trips.
Flying business class.
Letting someone clean my house so I can focus on my writing and creating valuable content for my clients.
To give myself permission to live in the house I want to live in, even though it’s crazy expensive.

* Write every day.
Writing feeds my soul.
And because it feeds MY soul, it does amazing things in other people’s energy fields.

*Being in love with life.
Most people think they will appreciate their lives more when this or thas happens. But it is the other way around: whatever you give your love to, grows. So just decide to love your life, no matter what.
To have an appreciation for everyone and everything around you, even though they aren’t showing up yet in the form you want it to show up.

* Receiving all the support you can receive.
Most people don’t ask for help much. I was one of those people too. I thought I had to do everything by myself.
I didn’t “need anyone.”
But there is a difference between “needing” and “needing.”
No, YOU are the creator of your life, so in that sense, you don’t “Need” anyone. But most people won’t ask for help from a place of limiting beliefs.
They are afraid they won’t be able to repay.
They carry around a sense of guilt.
They don’t want to “inconvenience” anyone.
And if you come from that place, your higher-self creates situations that “force” you to ask for help.
And when you finally do, because you really have no other choice anymore?
Your heart opens up a little bit.
You see it is never as bad as you think.
You experience that people ARE there for you. Maybe not every one, because in these kinds of situations you also always discover who is REALLY there for you and who was never there for you anyway.
And being ALL IN also means receiving the support from my spirit guides and the unseen.
Let them carry you, help you, pave the way for you and do whatever it is you ask of them. You can ask them anything.
So WHY do it alone? There is ALWAYS a limiting belief behind that.

* Show up in my business how I want to show up.
Receiving all the money I want to receive and just ASK for the money.
Receiving all the money I want by doing JUST the things that feel most aligned and only the marketing activities that feel most aligned.
Do the sales activities I want to do.
Sent as many emails as I want.
Work on my income goals in the way that feels most aligned for me.
NOT following the “rules” but doing it all a way that feels most aligned for me.

* And the MOST important one: give myself permission to be fully me and love myself completely.
We can not be anyone else then ourselves, and if we pretend that we are different then we are or trying to show up in a way that is not aligned, we get stressed.
Our energy levels drop, and we are not being the most powerful creators we can be.
I am really sensitive. I feel energy. I need a LOT of time to keep grounded and aligned with who I am.
I don’t do well if my schedule is too full or if I don’t have the time to write.
I am STILL learning to run my business and everything that comes with it as an empath and a creative. And sometimes I make mistakes. That aren’t even mistakes in my eyes, but they ARE in the eyes of other people. They might think I am irresponsible, chaotic or flakey. And I am still learning to let that go, time and time again.
I felt really overwhelmed with the success I created in my business. I did some stuff in my business that wasn’t aligned.
And as a result of that, I lost a lot of money. It’s ok for me. I learned what I need to learn. And maybe I need to learn those lessons again. It’s ok with me. It all comes with being an entrepreneur. But I know most people are too scared to admit that they made mistakes. That they are not always “on top of things.”
So please forgive yourself.
Instead of dragging yourself down, be PROUD of yourself that you at least DID it and that you are strong enough that you always find a way to make different choices and create a different reality.
You don’t need everyone’s permission. You just need YOUR permission to do what you really want to do.

And believe me, going ALL IN is a daily practice. It’s NOT something you just “do.”
If it were that easy, everyone would go ALL IN every day of their lives.
But we run into blocks.
Stuff comes up that we aren’t willing to look at.
We run away and hide when things become difficult.
AND our desires also constantly change, and most of the times it is hard to see them. And when they DO see them, it takes a lot to give ourselves permission to go after them.

So that is why I created the ALL IN Mastermind. Are you INN?

HERE it is.

Love, Maartje

— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

— I help powerful creators, creative entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, healers, leaders of the new era and everyone who wants to make money just by being themselves to Magically Manifest their life and business.
I teach them to live in accordance with the universal laws of Creation to effortlessly attract more clients, more money, more creativity and above all more freedom, connection to source, flow, fun, ease, and love.
Often they feel they want to do things in their own way and break out of all the boxes society has created for them. Somewhere deep down they feel they are meant for greatness and I help them to discover and express that greatness within them AND make money doing that.
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Love Maartje