I get this question sometimes: “How do you build up your company when you start from scratch?”

And that’s why I wrote a training about the exact steps I would take if I had to start from scratch with my business.
If everything I have built (The 70K a month income, the online imperium, the email list etc.) would be gone, what would I do? Or if I would decide now to do something else entirely and would start from scratch?
And that information is really valuable. And that’s why I am sharing this training with you.
By now I have learned that many of the things that we busy ourselves with at the beginning of our business do not contribute to BIG results. So I would absolutely do some things differently and I will share them all with you in this training.
If you follow these steps, you can get amazing results in a very small amount of time. And if you have any questions? Ask them HERE in my free Facebook group: Master your Life & your Business by Mastering your Alignment.

Step 1: Get clear on your vision.

The very first thing I would do is write down in one powerful sentence what it is I am doing. And if I’m not really sure yet, I’d write something down that sort of feels right and then go with that and know that I will refine it over the next couple of weeks.
After that, I would write down, in a couple of paragraphs, what my most important message is. In the beginning, this is also tricky, so I would be happy with whatever comes to mind and trust that I will be completely clear on this in the next couple of weeks and months as I get to work.

Time investment: 30 minutes max.
Don’t take too much time. Just trust your gut and go with what comes to mind first. You will sharpen your message over time. You will gain a LOT more clarity on this helping your clients. Taking hours and hours (or even days) to stare at a piece of paper, thinking about your message will NOT bring you clients!

Step 2: Start a free Facebook group

After that I would start a Facebook group and give it a catchy name that expresses my core message and speaks to people.
And again, I wouldn’t spend much time on this, the name can always be changed.
Then I would invite people that I think I can help in this group, and I would share the group, and ask other people to invite friends from their networks.
Time investment: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 3: Create a Facebook Business Page.

I’d create a Facebook business page. Don’t make this too hard and too big of a deal. Most people give a lot of value to these little things, but believe me: it’s no big deal. Not everyone is watching what you are doing. People are normally living their own lives and not watching you all the time.
You will not be followed by masses of people from the get to. The “real work” is still ahead.
Just google how to make a business page. It’s not that hard if you don’t MAKE it hard.

Time investment: 30 min. to 1 hour.

Step 4: Create a valuable Free gift.

This is when I would create a freebee. You can find out how to do that, what’s important in a freebee and all the rest of the steps in the Alignment Mastery Coaching Program.
HERE you can read all about the Alignment Mastery Coaching Program and sign up to get access to the rest of this training.


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