Today I have written a new blog that I would really like to share with you. I hope that you will get some valuable insights out of it!

In this blog, I am going to share with you the traits of rich and abundant people as I see them. And I’m not talking about the “clichés” with which rich people are often associated. That rich people are greedy, and only use money for power and control.
Those kinds of actions NEVER come from a place of abundance, but from a place of lack and fear. From a place of lack and fear people are trying to safeguard their own existence, and people do the strangest things for it. But that has nothing to do with money. That is linked to that fear and has to do with believing in lack and finiteness. Because people WITHOUT money who are living from fear and lack can do strange things, and THEY also use money for control and power. But then it’s more from victimhood than from a position of power. But money is only ONE way of abundance. You can experience abundance in any part of your life. And in my opinion wealth will not last, when it hasn’t been created from true abundance.
The Law of Attraction teaches us: as within, so without. So, when people are generating money from a place of lack or fear, they will NEVER, and I really mean never, accomplish TRUE abundance. And nobody needs to do a thing for that, the Universal Laws will take care of that.
In this blog I will be speaking about TRUE abundance, in every sense of the word, with regards to money and love and all other wonderful things we can receive.

So, what are these traits of rich and abundant people? 

  1. They are 100% committed to the creations that wants to be born through them, and regard that as something larger than themselves.

They feel the urge to create, and know they have a mission that is much greater than their “human, limited self”. They know they have a responsibility and they go out of their own way to bring that creation to earth and live their mission. It isn’t ABOUT them, life creates THROUGH them.
Even when they are sick, when they “don’t feel like it” or when they have no inspiration. They STILL show up by asking: “How CAN I be there today? What does the world need from me, and how can I serve the people around me today in the greatest way possible?”
Oprah, for example, hasn’t cancelled any show for 25 years. She SHOWED up. She honored the fact that people had traveled many miles to see a show, hopped on a plane for it and invested money in a ticket. And that’s why she always brought the best version of herself.

  1. And whether or not they are THERE, doesn’t depend on outer circumstances.

Many people think: I will show up when I’m “there”. I will start working hard when the clients or fans are there. I will give it my all when there are MORE people who are keeping track of what I do. But that is the other way around. People aren’t there to PLEASE you (even though they all contribute to you!). The fact that they are buying your products or services is no volunteer work. They want you to serve THEM. They want to see the results. They want to have bought YOU, before they buy from you.
So if you want to live in abundance, then make sure you are there NOW and never wait until…

  1. Abundant people are generous.

People often ask me: “How much can I give?” or “Am I giving away too much now, Maartje?”
I think you can rarely give “too much” when it is coming from true abundance and inspiration. You can only give too much when it is coming from a block. And I DO see that happening a lot with people. They are giving away their work for free, because they cannot see the value of it. OR they are giving their work away for free or at a price that is way too low, because they are assuming “people don’t have the money for it”. But they are both choices made from lack, and not from abundance.
From abundance, you GIVE whatever feels right, and you ask the price that feels right, and you attract clients that really see the value of it, AND you have the guts to really show the value.

  1. Rich people dare to take risks and invest in themselves and their business.

Rich people know the costs precede the benefits. I so often hear people say: “I don’t have the money for it.” Rich people don’t think in terms of: “Can’t”. They ask themselves: “How can I make sure this money comes to me?”
What deal can I close?
What can I launch?
Where can I free up money?
Whom can I borrow the money from?
How can I gather up this money?
They learn to listen to their intuition and follow it to the letter, and then work hard to get the best possible return on investment. AND they also know that when the investment doesn’t work out the way they had hoped, they CAN make money and that they can easily attract abundance again.
But, generally speaking, they just make smart money choices and trust themselves.

  1. Abundant people honor their payments

I have seen it all, over the past year.
People who think they don’t have to pay their invoice because they haven’t used the content, and haven’t made the most of it because of that.
People who don’t pay their invoices because they are in a rough spot, and I have enough money anyway, so I can do without.
People who haven’t received their invoices, because they used an incorrect email address or have changed their email address and invoices are bouncing. And because of that they unilaterally exempt themselves from the payment obligation and commitment they made.
They aren’t HONORING the agreement and are bending over backwards to right for themselves why they aren’t paying. But it ALWAYS comes down to a block or a belief, NOT from abundance.
And of course, there are reasons to ask for your money back or for not paying, if a product isn’t satisfactory, or within the legal 14-day period and a couple of other “legitimate” reasons, but those are all not the reasons I was describing before.
And abundant people know this and honor their commitment. They know they are responsible themselves for any commitment they have made and that they get their return on investment, and they ALSO check whether or not payments go through okay. They let money flow freely and pay their bills with love and honor the other person AND themselves and their abundance by paying their bills and paying on time.

  1. They aren’t emotional about money.

They see money as currency or “thank you notes”. They see money as a way to grow their company, to help other people, to build things and to create, etcetera.
Generally speaking they aren’t very emotional about money.
They don’t think things like:
“Oh my God, if I spend this, I will never get it back and won’t have enough money left to pay X.”
“I REALLY can’t charge that for it, otherwise the other won’t have any money left and I will take it all away from him or her and that is super unfair and then I’m greedy.”
“I have to sit on my money and keep it all, because one day I won’t have anything left and it will all be gone.”
No, they know that abundance is an inner state of being. They know that anyone can create money. They know that when they say “no” to money, it will not spontaneously end up with the people “who really need it”.
They know that there’s always more, and that you can just do nice and useful things with money, and at the end of the day it will be nothing more than a currency that we have just created a really complex story around over the past few centuries.

  1. Abundant people often are NOT attached to their money and things.

They love their earthly life and are grateful for all that crosses their path, but they know that at the end of the day the things aren’t what is causing them to be happy. I always say that you can only receive anything once you are fully ready to lose it all. I know that my happiness doesn’t depend on my money, my villa or my expensive holidays. What truly makes me happy is Creation (writing, creating) and connecting with the people I love and who ARE.
All the beautiful things I have in my life are a bonus, but they are NOT what is making me happy. I could just as easily get overwhelmed by all the financial “obligations” I have committed to. I need tens of thousands of euros a month to run my business (staff, systems, office, events, etc.). But I choose NOT to and stay focused on the first bullet: the full commitment I have to let creation work its way through me. I know that my happiness doesn’t depend on money or things – my source, my beliefs and the way I look at the world are the only things responsible for me being happy and abundant, or not.

  1. Abundant people make sure they create “assets”.

They align to having money work FOR them. They align to creating their money, time and energy by creating “assets” that make money FOR them, even when they are not putting in any time or energy themselves anymore.
Real estate and other investments, for example.
But forms of passive income as well, like books and (online) trainings.
As an example, I have built my business in a way that even when I would only be working one day, one week, one month (and later on a year or never if I should EVER want that, I cannot imagine it now, because I like it way too much!), the money would still keep coming in.
I have created systems and processes that enable this.
I have spent HUGE amounts of time on creating valuable content and even when I wouldn’t do anything, orders keep coming through my web shop, AND money thus keeps rolling in.
I teach people how to do this in my Money is Love community. So, if you want to create that for yourself, please read all about it HERE.

And drawing on that:

  1. Abundant people know money & time and money & product aren’t connected.

This is a REALLY valuable lesson I learned from my own coach, Fred, this year. And I already KNEW it, but you cannot hear these things too often. Money comes from your source and your consciousness, and it IS possible to create and receive a lot of money by creating smart processes and “assets”, WITHOUT having to invest an equal amount of time.
AND there are people who are willing to pay for every service thinkable.
There are people that don’t pay for coaching, and there are people who pay 5000 dollars an hour for coaching.
And that applies to the majority of “professions” – for dentists, healers, astrologists, designers, and so on!

  1. Abundant people are usually self-employed.

People often work in employment because it offers them security. But whichever way you look at it, it also comes with SO many restrictions. You build wealth for the boss, usually not for yourself. AND you have to abide by all sorts of rules. AND often it is a contravention of your own creativity.
In the past, I also had all sorts of limiting beliefs about being an entrepreneur. I always thought it would be too difficult and that I wasn’t suited for it.
In the past, I have done several career tests (I was OBLIGATED to take them, because I was always failing at work and getting fired!), and time and again they showed that I wasn’t suited to be an entrepreneur, because I was too “free” and chaotic and that my desire for “security” would be too present. Boy, were they wrong!
This year I will definitely hit the 1 million dollar mark. And this is my fourth year as entrepreneur.
And YES, I am still chaotic and super creative AND I still feel the need for security, but I am not getting that from a steady income, but from MYSELF!
So… if I can do it, LOTS of people can do it.

  1. Abundant people see and take chances.

Abundant people always think in terms of chances and opportunities. They are aligned with abundance, and know that there are always opportunities and chances. They aren’t concerned with what ISN’T possible, but try to make the most out of every situation in order to build up more from that. They don’t “wait” until life finally hands them a chance or opportunity, but they consciously CREATE them. On the one hand by aligning to them, and on the other hand by just diving in, knowing that one opportunity always leads to a new one.
They don’t sit around on the couch waiting until all is finally clear or until they are “sure” (Seriously, you can forget about that!). They know that taking action sets things in motion, and that that will absolutely create beautiful things. Even when that will almost always be something else than they had hoped or expected in advance.

  1. Abundant people train and expand their money mindset and their consciousness every single day.

Abundant people know that creating abundance is a result from their consciousness. And they know that knowledge and information is needed in order to create an ever-expanding consciousness around money.
And they are prepared to invest time, energy and money in it. And if you are one of those people who wants to train his or her money consciousness every single day, then I would love to invite you to join the Money is Love Community. Because that is exactly what we do over there. HERE’s the link again.

  1. Abundant people live from a place of trust, and expect life to care for them.

Abundant people know that trust is a very intense inner state of being. They intentionally cultivate trust IN themselves, and know that that in no way depends on their circumstances. They trust that life always cares for them, and that everything that they are experiencing contributes, even when they cannot immediately recognize it as such. They just really strongly believe in their own creation power and the fact that they were born to experience abundance, and will look for that in any situation they encounter.
Just like people who believe in scarcity will look for proof that life is NOT there for them and that they are born to suffer and that no-one ever has their back, in any situation.
And in which camp you are is nothing but a CHOICE. And those thoughts and feelings can simply be trained, just like muscles.


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