So, when it comes to manifestation Soul Desires a lot of people are still stuck in a place of “wanting,” “hoping” or “praying.”
OR they deny what is meant to be because they are not willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

It’s SUCH an amazing place to create from if you just KNOW in your heart and Soul what is meant to be. In this blog, I am going to share exactly with you how you can align with that and how to shift to that space of absolute certainty.

1. Get into alignment!

Before I committed fully to my business and to my Souls Purpose in learning everything about creation there is to know, I was going back and forth in my head between:

“What should I do? Is this meant to happen? Can I DO this? Is this what I am supposed to do?”
And Thoughts about me NOT being able to do it.
I had NO clue around how to make money doing that.
And I felt that living my Souls Purpose was not meant to be for me.
Because what I have been taught was to JUST get a job and stay in that job for the rest of my life.
I always expected that that was the path I was supposed to take and I never thought it could be different.
I “hoped” it would be different, but I just couldn’t imagine it.
I was stuck in an old belief system and an old paradigm about what I was “supposed” to do.

Until, one day, this routine of going back and forth and analyzing it all in my head, became SO difficult.
It consumes a LOT of energy to stay in your head.
You get tired, your energy diminishes BIG time, and signs of depression start to slowly creep into your life. It’s hard to enjoy the stuff that you found enjoyable before, and you start to become more irritated, and you get the feeling that you “lost” yourself.
Thos are ALL signs that you are NOT Soul Aligned and that it is time to ask yourself some (hard) Soul searching questions.

AND you can never just see where it will take you. You don’t KNOW what is going to happen if you make a decision.
We never have the ability to look into the future.
ALL you can do is TRUST your inner gut and the Divine Guidance you get.

So, I surrendered it to the Divine. I didn’t KNOW back then, that that is what I did. I was just tired of not being able to make a decision, and I was tired of feeling “stuck.”

So I asked for Divine Guidance, which brings me to point 2.

2. Ask for Guidance and signs!

What I did was saying this to the Universe:

“Ok, just let me see and feel clearly what I am supposed to do here. Just let something pick me up and take me along, so I never have to think about what I have to do again.”
And that is precisely what happened. The pull to create my business and start living my Souls Purpose became SO strong that I never really had to question anymore whether it was right or not.

It’s just like a quote I hear in my head from time to time.
I don’t know exactly how the quote goes and from who it is, but it goes something like:
“You are being pushed by motivation until you are being pulled by vision.”

Now I am being PULLED. I want to give up LOTS of times. People always think living their Souls Purpose will make them happy. It REALLY won’t.
It will challenge you on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL.

To live your Souls Purpose.
Or to have your Soulmate or Twin Soul Relationship.
Or serve only your Soulmate clients.
Or manifest ANY Soul desire….

You NEED to be connected to your SOUL.
And for you to be connected to your Soul, you have to let go of your ego.

You have to let go of the 3D way of living.
People will find you weird, and they ARE going to judge you.
You have to break ties and bonds with people who don’t have your back fully.
You have to let go of fear, dependency, guilt, anger, resentment and ALL other stuff that comes from the ego.

Do you THINK that everything will be GREAT once you “just” know what it is you are meant to do on this earth? Or if you meet that special someone?
THINK again.

Oh, believe me, if you are BRAVE enough to go to the shifts, the moments you are fully open and connected are AMAZEBALLS.
You have never felt SO good in your life.
But there is always that next level.
And with every level, the challenges get bigger, and the pain you feel in your Soul for keeping yourself stuck at your old level become more severe.
It takes a LOT to break out of this.

But …. there is GOOD news πŸ™‚
And that is …..

3. You can’t escape ANYTHING that has Soul in front of it.

Life supports you.
With EVERY Soul desire you have.
Because this isn’t something YOU choose. It’s a SOUL desire. It’s in your SOUL contract. So basically it’s meant to be.
Of course, you have free will when it comes to some stuff around the form and the timing, but it IS going to happen.
And life is always pushing you to take that next step.

For me, my Soul Purpose sometimes feels like an obsession.
I just can’t let it go.
I have times that I find it SO hard. To make the money, to carry the responsibilities, to honor ALL my clients, to show up every day, to get past my OWN bullshit. All of it and even more.
But then there is the pull again.
The Universe (or God, whatever works for you) encourages me to pull through. To connect to my purpose again.

How do you know when something is REALLY “meant to be?”
It won’t leave you alone. Simple as that.

You can run away time after time.
You can go back into your day job.
Take on yet another project that isn’t really Soul aligned.
Dive into another relationship that feels “safe” and stable.
Get the NOT Soul aligned house, because it is easier to pay.

Or WHATEVER you are running away from.

But …. you WILL KEEP thinking about your Soul Desire.
It will never, ever leave you alone until you STEP UP and get into Soul Alignment with your desire!
It will take over your mind and your body and your whole life. Until you get to the point that there is no running away possible because it just consumes you.
You get consumed with guilt and anger at yourself because you KNOW what to do, but you are not doing it.

You know….
your Soul ALWAYS knows. And you can only kid yourself for SO long, before you HAVE to be honest with yourself about what you NEED to do.
That is just what it is.

So, then we come to the last thing I want to share with you and something that is REALLY important:

4. Be prepared to heal your blocks and to FEEL.

And this is the MOST important thing I can EVER share with you around this subject!
To live your Souls Purpose or be with your Soulmate or Twin Soul, or have your Soulmate Clients or ANY Soul Desire, you have to LIVE from Soul.
There is NO other way.
If you have BIG dreams and you have a mission, and it is not going as fast as you want it to go, this is probably the reason:
You are running away from your Soul connection.
You are scared to look at what’s REALLY going on.
And you are convincing yourself to believe the excuses you are telling yourself:

“I am working on it. It will happen eventually.”
“First I got to finish this project/ change jobs/ move/ meet the right people/ need to save up more money or whatever.”
“It just needs some time.”

But NO NO NO. That’s NEVER the reason. You create your reality with your beliefs and thoughts. It’s NOT a coincidence why you are not living your Mission yet.
You have created what you have in your life NOW with your CURRENT level of consciousness. So for ANYTHING to change, YOU have to change.
NOT the outside world, no YOU.

And PLEASE believe me when I say this. I GET it. I get that you SO want to believe in what you are telling yourself. It’s a defense mechanism. Because the alternative is that you HAVE to look at the hard stuff.

And believe me: I KNOW how difficult this is.
I woke up this morning at 5 ‘o clock with an INTENSE feeling of sadness.
Yesterday I dove a little bit into my block of people always abandoning me.
But … I didn’t really go DEEP with it. I hadn’t actually HEALED it.
And this morning it was THERE. BIG TIME.
I suddenly felt SO deeply, deeply sad.

For ALL my life I have been carrying around this belief that I have to work really hard to be strong.
It comes from my childhood (and maybe even from past lives?)
My Father and my brother both have autism. My mother is blind. And don’t get me wrong: I LOVE my parents, and I am really grateful, but when I was young I often got the message that I am the one who needs to adjust because it’s easier for me.
And I still do that in a LOT of situations I find myself in.
I can read energy and therefore I pretty much always know what is going on in other people and I can see what is going to happen based on the energy they give off at any moment.
I also just know people and behavior (because I studied it SO much) and so I know what to say to people to change their energy. To comfort them, to not let them be mad at me and to give THEM space and give THEM what they need.
And my level of personal leadership is very high because of ALL of the inner work I have done and my deep spiritual journey, so it’s pretty easy for me to NOT act on primary feelings of anger or fear. I FEEL them of course, and I listen to the message they have for me, but I never USE them to control other people or act out in any way (I DID do that in the past btw, but it never gets me what I REALLY want, long term. IF I notice I am doing it I will course correct really quickly and work on myself again.)
And if you couple that with the fact that I HATE conflicts and always want everyone to be happy AND I just want people to like me: you have the perfect recipe for this behavior: I work really hard (or put myself last) to give other people what they say they need. And therefore I feel abandoned a LOT of the time.
But the fact is this: It’s ME that’s abandoning MYSELF.
I don’t say what I want or really think those times.
I always GET why everyone wants what they want, and I am inclined to just let them have it.
Because “for me it’s easy.”
“I can take care of myself.”
(Those are the underlying thoughts of this behavior.)

Same with the Twin Soul thing, now I think about it. (I also do this in business a LOT, but this example comes to mind now!)
He told his girlfriend that he was leaving her for me. She got really mad and texted: “You DON’T sent him apps and emails. You can’t have him.”
And I just listened. I gave IN to it. I didn’t stick up for myself. When I think about it now, it makes me REALLY sad.
This is SUCH a big pain for me.
I give up what I want because I don’t want to hurt other people. Even if those other people don’t give a FLYING FUCK about MY happiness.
And that gives me the feeling that I am always being abandoned.
That people always choose people who yell the loudest, who are being the most dramatic, who just DEMAND their time or attention or whatever. But just NOT me. Because: “I can take care of myself.”

That people USE me to get what they want and then drop me like a hot potato if they are done with me.
It’s not EASY to look at these beliefs. It’s HARD. Even writing this down, tears are streaming down my face. It REALLY hurts.
I DON’T want to abandon myself ANYMORE.
I am going to make a REAL decision about what I want to create in my life, and I am going to take MUCH more space. I don’t know HOW yet. But the WHAT is up to me and the HOW is up to the Universe. As soon as I REALLY made this decision, the Universe can’t do ANYTHING else than to react to that AND give me the inspiration and insights to make this right.
But I HAVE to do it, and I know the Universe will show me how. This is really not ok.
I AM a good person, and I deserve good things too, and I really have to CLAIM those things now! Because no one else is going to EVER do it FOR me if I am not in alignment with it.

So, we ALL have these blocks and life is always showing you what they are.
And if you can’t really FEEL the pain because of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or medication or whatever. You can experience it like a nagging feeling that something is “off.”
It’s that tiny feeling in your belly that you are ignoring what is REALLY going on and that is KEEPING you from living your Souls’ purpose.

You have 2 choices here:
1. Be brave enough to really look at it. On a Soul level, you already KNOW what is going on. You are just skillful enough at pushing it away and trying your hardest to NOT look at it.
This will NOT “blow over.” Your Souls’ purpose is your Souls’ Purpose. Nothing your Ego mind can do about that.
2. OR wait until it blows up in your face.
Wait until life MAKES you look at it.
Wait until you get depressed, burned out, lose your job, your money, your family, your dignity, your health or your LIFE.
And even then: it is STILL hard to look at, and it will be even harder because now you got a TON of extra shit to deal with.

Know this: I am always here to guide you in this process.
My Online coaching programs are PERFECT for this. InΒ THIS post I shared 2 healing exercises you can use to clean up your shit:
I am going to do the mirror exercise on my “abandonment block.”

And if you know I am not THE coach for you, find another coach to help you deal with it. BUT also: don’t use the whole “I am looking for a coach first.” or “Yes, but my coaching hasn’t started yet.” to NOT look at it NOW. I JUST gave you the tools, so USE them.
Cleaning up your energy to live from a place of 100% Soul alignment is a never-ending process. It’s what you NEED to do to become the creator you are MEANT to be. And if you have reached that, you probably will get very bored on earth and want to move on to other dimensions.
So, NO excuses, ok?
Time to take some REAL leadership over your life from a place of unconditional love for YOURSELF!

Love, Maartje

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Love, Maartje