So there is something that you want.
You feel it’s calling you in.
You just CAN’T let it go.
You have the sense it’s meant to be.

But there is also some distance.
HOW are you going to create this?
It feels kind of big.
Are you ready to create this?
Are you up to the challenge?
Are you willing to do what it takes?

You feel deep in your heart that it is time.
This is your time to start FULLY living your life.
This is your time to finally create what you have dreamed of.

So what is holding you back?
Why are you still hesitant to DO this?
Maybe it’s because you have some fears and doubts and maybe you aren’t seeing this clearly just yet.
So, there are a couple of things I want to share with you in this blog to give you the insights and the confidence to go for what you want.

1. No need for overwhelm: there is just ONE thing to do: take the first logical step.

People get stuck if they try to figure out where the road is taking them and where it is al leading them.
So don’t try to do that.
I get that this might feel kind of scary, but this is JUST how creation works.
Because you can never see exactly what is going to happen.
AND you will never see the whole path being totally clear.

But this is what I CAN tell you: if something feels right, it IS right.
But a warning: there could be many fears and doubts. DON’T see them as a “sign” that it is not feeling good. If you move BEYOND the fears and doubts and everything would just work out, what do you truly feel?

If you are connected to your Soul and you feel those tingles in your body, it IS possible for you to manifest it.
And you don’t have to know HOW.
There is ONE first logical step. What is that step for you?

Think about the end picture.
How does your life look like?
How does it feel if you manifested what you want to manifest?
Take a couple of minutes to really connect with your desire and how amazing it would feel.
And then ask now: Source, what’s the FIRST logical step for me here?
And FOLLOW that step.
TRUST Source. It Always has your back!

2. What you desire, desires you!

So, I learned this a long time ago! A lot of the times, when people want to manifest something, they get lost in limiting beliefs like:
“But who am I to do this?”
“There are so many people out there, who are probably better then I am. So WHY me?”
“Nobody wants me/ is waiting for me.”
“I am not good enough.”

But this is what it is:

If you desire to create something, there are people needing what you have to offer. They are already there. You just have to attract them into your life.
If you desire that special someone, he or she is already out there and also wanting to be with you or meet YOU.

There ARE a couple of nuances here.
Because most people are creating from a place of fear.
You have to start shifting in trust.
I get how difficult it is.
You have to let go of the specifics and of the outcome.
You have to NOT think about these other people. You have to connect to YOUR alignment and see what your alignment asks of you in every second.
Stay connected to the present and take one step at the time and then you see that things start shifting and flowing again.

3. It’s all an inner game.

I share this time and time again with you:
You can only attract what you are in alignment with.
So if you think you aren’t worthy of love, you can’t attract the ultimate lover.
If you think you don’t have anything to offer to people, then you probably won’t share a lot with people. Because why would you? It’s not very valuable to them.
And if you DO share your message, you manifest that you keep it the “best-hidden secret.”

So what are your deepest beliefs about what you want to manifest?
And are you ready to tell yourself a different story around your desires?

You don’t know how or when things show up.
It’s tempting to get impatient or get inside your heard. But it IS possible.
When you feel you get stuck, take a deep breath. Connect to the earth and to the center of the Universe.
Expand your energy.
Ask Source what your fists logical step is.
And take that step.
Be brave.
Be detached of the expectations. You don’t KNOW where this step is going to lead you.
Yes, you CAN fail. But at least then you have tried, and you can be proud of yourself. Life is TOO short too just “wait.” And besides: your Soul WILL keep calling you out. If you feel restless or frustrated or plain unhappy because you aren’t following your dreams, on whatever level it is, that feeling will NOT go over until you look it in the eyes and take responsibility for your Soul Desires.
These desires come from your SOUL and from Source (God, the Universe.) You are nothing but a vessel to manifest these desires.
So just surrender and ask Source what that first logical step is.

And I get how hard it is.
I also had something I wanted to manifest. But it was TOO hard. I just wanted it to go away.
I tried to PUSH it away, but the more I pushed, the more it entered my consciousness. So I did what I have written down above.
I took a deep breath.
I acknowledged that there is some kind of Soul desire here because it won’t leave me alone.
I try to disconnect from the frustration and connect to my own heartspace and Source again. And ask Source to guide me. To keep me centered and then ask for the next logical step.
I relax, focus on raising my vibration and follow the aligned inspiration I get.
My first step was writing this blog.
Giving value.
Taking a moment of frustration and turn it into something good for other people.
And then, I will ask the same question: “What’s the next logical step? What can I do or create or align with next?” And then I will just see what shows up and take THAT step.

And THEN, you get the energy to move again.
Maybe the fears or frustrations won’t leave you instantly, but at least you have empowered yourself again on some level.
At least you are OUT of your head again and setting the energy in motion again.

And that is what creation is: moving energy and following your heart and soul.
Adding to creation.
Honoring your Soul and starting to create from Soul.

And a lot of the times we want to see the WHOLE path, but that is never going to happen.
Creation is all about surrendering to the NOW moment.
And creating FROM that moment.
REALLY following your intuition.

What happens a LOT of the time is that there is a desire behind the desire.
For example, You desire to manifest an online program. And you aren’t “feeling” it. It’s not flowing the way you want it to flow.
Ask yourself the question: what is the desire behind the desire?
And that could be: Freedom.
“I think an online program is going to bring me freedom.”
BUT then, align with the feeling of freedom.
Write down how that looks like.
Ask for what you want.
An online program is the “how.”
And the HOW is always up to the Universe.

I hope this helps to get aligned with the next logical step.
And TAKE that step!

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Love, Maartje