So, this is something to think about: but what is it that you HIDE from the world?
What are the parts of you that you don’t want anyone to see?
And where are you holding back?

Because you are afraid of what other people might think?
Because they might think you are crazy, too much, lost touch with reality or whatever?
Because you are afraid they criticize you for it, judge you or won’t love you anymore?

OMG, we ALL do it.
And every time I think I am NOT hiding anymore, I STILL do it.

We ALL want to be loved.
We all want recognition.
And stuff people say to us (or to other people and we hear that) can make a lasting impression on us.

There are a couple of situations that I think back of, that had such an impact on my life — apparently meaningless situations. I don’t think adults realize the impact “everyday normal” situations can have on children.

I was around 10 years old. I was on a birthday. And there were crackers and spreads on the table. I picked up a knife, put something on a cracker and then I licked off the knife and put it back. Haha. I can laugh at it too when I think about it know. But people saw it, and they were like “Ewwwww. Maartje WHAT are you doing?” They weren’t really being nice about it. In the Netherlands, at a birthday, most people sit in a circle around the coffee table. So I was in the middle of that circle, standing next to the coffee table and there where ALL these adults around me either laughing at me or thinking I was disgusting and judging me for it.
I had the WORSE feeling EVER.
That seemingly unimportant situation has taught me that it is never really safe. You can do something and, you’re not thinking about it, and not being a bad person at the moment but all of a sudden people can just turn against you.
People can shame you for stuff you do, even if there is no real harm in it.
If people think you are doing something that is not ok, they have permission to team up on you and make you feel awful about it.

And NO, it’s true. NO one can make me feel anything. I feel my feelings. But I wasn’t aware of that back then.

Those situations shape us.
There are a trillion more situations in which people taught me:

It’s not safe to be here.
We are going to attack you and tell you off if you do something wrong.
You are only worthy as long as you behave in a specific way and if you don’t, then we tell you to adjust your actions.
Our love is conditional. As long as you behave in a way that is non-threating to me, I like you and if you do anything that I can’t handle I will let you know and ask you to change. And if you do not adapt to what I need, I will let you know by withholding my love.
And so on.

And NOT just when I was a kid.
People that sent me critical emails after I shared something personal, messy or ranty.
They share with me that I let them down by not doing this or that.
Or the fact that I email to much.
That I launch to much.
That they can’t follow me.
That I am not being “adult” enough with my business.
That I have to have more structure in my business or life.
That it is all about the money for me.
And so on.
And they don’t even have to email it to me. Because we are all connected and because I am super aware I can just FEEL it if someone launches a spiritual attack on me. (Do you ever feel down without any reason? This could be one of them.)

Most of the time I can let that stuff go. NOT let it influence me.
Most of the time I am aware that if I don’t believe it’s true, then it doesn’t really get to me. I KNOW it’s all about the other person.
The ONLY thing I have to do is to stand behind my OWN decisions.
Stand in my OWN power.

But sometimes …. I DO let it get to me. Because ….. oh YES I am not a robot, I am a HUMAN. With feelings and all.
Yes, by my alignment practice it is a LOT easier for me to keep focussed and tune in on what life wants to create through me.
But sometimes life happens and I get a little distracted anyway. A LOT of stuff is happening now in my private life. I am NOT focussing on it. I am NOT going to make it worse or “use” it as a story to get attention. And I don’t want people to project their “pitty” or emotion on it. So that is why I don’t share that stuff most of the time.
And it doesn’t matter what is going on. It’s not important for this story. What IS important is this:

EVERY single time I hold back because of whatever reason, my income drops.
EVERY single time I HIDE myself, my income drops.
EVERY single time I am NOT FULLY me, showing up as the creative, chaotic, powerful CREATOR I am, my income drops.

Hiding my power, creating LESS then feels right for me, trying to BE less to not “bother” other people COSTS me money.
And I don’t like it anymore.
I am NOT willing to choose that anymore.

I tried to make myself less last year.
By creating chaos to distract myself.
By not taking good care of my health and body, so I simply had less energy.
But I am not doing that anymore.
So it’s ALL coming back to me.

The energy.
The aliveness.
The power.
The pulsating energy of LIFE and Creation swirling up and down and around me.

I tried to diminish it. It was SO much to handle. Every day tons and tons of energy is streaming through my body and my being. But now I made a HARD commitment to turn it into something productive and creative and NOT into something DESTRUCTIVE.

So here I am again. Being MUCH of me.
And now I am going to see it as a GOOD thing.
I am NOT going to feel or believe anymore that it is too much for people.
THIS is life energy.
It’s the energy of creation that wants to come through me. I am allowed to let it flow. People who feel it is too much or are threatened by it, probably are making excuses why they don’t need to let out all of what they are. Because I was doing that too last year haha.
I KNEW I was hiding and every time someone came along who already stepped into her own power, I was judging it. “They are making it too hard. Being too hard on themselves or others.”

But you know what?
EITHER we try to diminish our energy by:

Distracting ourselves.
Making drama in our lives that consumes us.
Holding on to addictions that are not good for us and are costing us energy.
Getting in our head, thinking that we are not good enough or that there is no place for us in this world.

OR we are going to STEP up, be FULLY us, shine our light and kick some ass!
Release fear. Finally! And tune in to love!
OH and yes….. make money with ALL the messiness that we are. Turn that excess energy into MONEY instead of wasting it and pushing it away.

So where are you holding yourself back and are you ready to make that commitment?
I would LOVE to help you. So these are the best ways for now:

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Love, Maartje


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