First of all this: I want to wish you an AMAZING Christmas & a Magical 2019.
For my program: Manifest your Miraculous 2019 I was looking back over 2019, what I want to leave behind and what I want to take with me, and I thought: why not write a blog about my biggest lessons from this year.
I share them with you in the blog & Podcast I created for you!

AND I have a very special gift for you. On January 3rd I start with a free program: The Ultimate Manifesting program!
It’s going to be super epic.
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And here is the blog with my 5 most important lessons from this year:

1. I am going back to basics.

The first 2,5 years of my business where EPIC. My income grew every month. I made quantum leaps.
But as SOON as I try to become a “serious entrepreneur” things got stale, and I lost the fun & flow little by little.
I try to do SO many things, that weren’t really working. Because what I couldn’t see back then was this: what made me the most money is me, creating content and just helping people to GET this reality creation game.
So, this was a year of letting go and falling in love with my own business again.
I REALLY learned that Money DOES follow joy. If the joy is out of your business, the money diminishes too.
I am at a GREAT place again right now.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my business and my clients again, and I think people also feel this.
I just focus on creating amazing content and helping people, and it just FLOWS again.

2. And the second lesson: Forgive yourself if you mess up. You can ALWAYS start over.

What I REALLY had to learn is this: Sometimes we just mess up.
I felt SO bad about the rough time I had.
I felt I really let people down — especially my team and my clients.
I felt I had to know it all because I taught other entrepreneurs about doing business the aligned way and I even TEACH people about doing business from fun & flow.
But then I learned that every business owner goes through challenging phases. I had to own that and change whatever needed to be changed and just keep putting one foot in front of another.

And I DID forgive myself. I have only been a business owner for a little over 4 years. And I have already done SO well.
Now I am SUPER proud as I look back over the past 18 months. Now I know why most businesses fail. It’s SO hard to keep focused on where you want to go and NOT be focussed on what you DON’T want to create and the contrast.
It’s just like Abraham Hicks says: “Never face reality unless your reality is exactly what you want it to be.”

And my reality was NOT what I wanted it to be. And it ONLY changed when I took my focus of what I NOT wanted and started aligning again with the life I DO want to create.
From that moment it all got better.
I got the courage to took some hard decisions.
I opened up and asked for help, and that opened up my heart BIG time.
I started writing my blogs and creating my content in English.
And I let go of some strategic stuff I thought I needed to do, but that didn’t make me happy (And therefore didn’t make me any money.)

3. You can’t please everybody.

I have done a LOT of stuff this past year because I didn’t want to let people down — both in my business as in my private life.
And in the end, I learned, that most of the time I then let MYSELF down.
So I learned to stick up for myself more.
Just speak up if something is bothering me.
Just ask for what I want and need.
I learned that it is NOT my job to take care of everyone. That is SO hard because I DO want everyone to be happy and I HATE it when people are mad at me or disappointed in me.
But in the end, if there is no business, I can’t be there for other people. My business is my vehicle to make a difference in the world and change lives.
AND the business also provides an income for my family and me and will hopefully bring forth a legacy for my daughter’s children. So I can’t take this lightly. Wheater people are happy with me or whatever emotions they have, can’t be the reason that I sabotage this.
I am STILL practicing with this. But my husband and I are getting better and better at this 🙂

4. Money always will show up again.

My trust in my ability to manifest money has grown this last year. I was always super scared that my income would drop. And now it actually DID drop I experienced: Money will always show up anyway.
This is what is mindboggling to people. This is one of the questions I get the most: But can I just follow my passion and does the money then just come? Well not always. I just wrote a blog about it. You can find it here:

You have to BELIEVE that money comes and you have to follow your inspiration. And I DID that.
Was it always easy? No.
Did I had to heal some blocks? Yes.
Did I have to get out of my own way? Yes.
Did I feel vulnerable and uncomfortable? Yes.

BUT …. I DID get to keep doing what I LOVE.
I DID get the change to turn my business around and not only serve people in the Netherlands but across the whole world.
I DID get the change to continue to share my passion for reality creation.
And in the end, it was ALL worth it!

5. I STILL love my Dutch programs.

I wanted to go International for a couple of years. But I didn’t do it mainly because I was scared.
I was scared that no-one would follow me anymore. I was afraid that I didn’t make any money anymore.
I was scared that it would all fail and that my dreams where to big for me.
And because your reality mirrors back your belief, clients told me ALL the time: “I am SO glad I found you, doing this in Dutch Maartje.”
“I would hate it if you were also going to offer your stuff in English. There are already SO many people doing that.”
And that REALLY fed my fear.
And so I did do some things in English, but I never really followed through.
Of course, it had nothing to do with the people who said those things to me but I USED it as an excuse to NOT follow through.
Because the reason was, I WAS scared of ALL the things:

That I would lose all my clients.
That nobody would like me anymore.
That the money would dry up.

BUT…. that’s the thing with something that IS Soul Aligned: it keeps calling you!
And if you DON’T do it, ALL the other things don’t seem to work that well anymore.
So I kept doing business in Dutch, and there was less love each month because I REALLY wanted to do something else.
On a subconscious level, my clients felt it, and fewer clients wanted to work with me.
And I started to get some resentment to my clients. I was starting to get mad that “they” kept me here, while I wanted to do something different. And as soon as that happened, I saw that I had to make that transition REALLY quickly because that wasn’t a good thing.
So, In one month or something, I turned it all around.
I closed my Dutch programs.
And I started to create new content only in English.
And slowly but surely the love for everything I did came back.

It was SCARY as hell.
I DID lose a lot of my clients.
People DID “abandon” me haha.
My income dropped by 50%.

BUT… I did it anyway. And I am happier and more in alignment than ever.
And I EVEN managed to move into my dream home!

Did you ever notice that sometimes, in a relationship, you JUST need a little space for the love to come back again? Well, that is what happened to me too. I was SO done with it, that I just wanted to quit it all. And I did haha.
Well, EVERYTHING, except my client program. And this is what I learned:
I STILL love serving my clients.
I STILL love doing the weekly coaching Q&A’s in Dutch.
I still am in LOVE with the clients who are in my program. The level of support I got from them and they have for each other is off the charts.
I also learned that it is 100% ok that I don’t create any new content in Dutch. I created more than 50 online programs and masterclasses. The content covers everything from reality creation to money mindset and building your most aligned business and everything in between.
And I created enough free content to build an automatic email funnel that lasts for 5 years.

So, by taking this space, and by going for what my soul needs, space came for continuing my Dutch program.
I don’t know the form yet, and I don’t know the details yet, but I trust that it will reveal itself to me in the exact right time. Some flashes of inspiration already came to me.

So, if you want to keep posted for what’s going to come and if you want to receive all my free Dutch content (again) you can sign up HERE.
You will also receive some valuable free pieces of training, for example:
The online workshops: “Making money being you.” & “10 steps to your next money breakthrough.” (In Dutch of course.)

Well, I did learn a LOT more, but these were the most important lessons. I hope they will inspire you for your own journey!

PS: I would LOVE to help you shift your reality, live your passion and make money doing that. These are the options right now:

I am starting a Manifest Magically Mastermind in the new year. With super intensive coaching and in-person retreats. It’s ONLY for hardcore creators who are really ready to uplevel everything. It’s application only because I want us to resonate 100%.
This is what we will be working on the next months however long we will work together:
Soul Alignment.
Focussing on what you DO want to create.
Hardcore creation. Playing with your energy to just DEMAND the reality you want to create shows up.
Everything that is important when manifesting with ease and flow.
Living your mission and making a LOT of money doing that.
Money mindset – Building trust that money JUST.SHOWS.UP and aligning with receiving and ALL the ways money can get to you.
Empire building — Soul client alignment, branding, content creation, magnetic marketing, and ALL the stuff.
I have only 15 spots. When they are full, they are FULL. That’s ALL the coaching I will be doing this year on this intense level.
Message me on social media or sent me an email if you want the details of this program and we will see if this is a match for you to take quantum leaps this year!

I wish you an amazing 2019!

Love, Maartje

— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

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Often they feel they want to do things in their own way and break out of all the boxes society has created for them. Somewhere deep down they feel they are meant for greatness and I help them to discover and express that greatness within them AND make money doing that.
I helped ten thousands of people really understand manifestation and get amazing results. You can get access to my FREE online program: The ULTIMATE Manifesting program 

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Love Maartje