Most people say money isn’t important.
And they don’t want to invest in improving their relationship with money.

And they are right, you know, money isn’t important. But it’s SO much more than just the money.

For me, money is the biggest tool for spiritual growth that there is.
Money teaches me SO much stuff about myself and helps me to live my life on a level I never thought was possible.
If our money consciousness is not one that operates from a place of love, freedom, and joy, money can limit us in SO many ways.

I will name a couple of examples of how my relationship with money has gotten in the way of my happiness and of being the best person I can be.

All my life I have denied myself all kinds of things because I didn’t have the money.

I didn’t grow as hard as I could have and it took me a long time to finally develop my potential because I thought I couldn’t invest the money. And I couldn’t see how I could make money doing what I love.

Years and years I stayed in a job that I felt wasn’t where I supposed to be.
All because I was scared that, If I left that job, there wouldn’t be any more money.
I felt I was meant to write and inspire people about the Law of Attraction, but because I hadn’t figure out the money thing, I waited a long time to fully step into my purpose.

That all changed the last couple of years.
I make decisions from my heart now. I can give my soul everything it needs and I DON’T let the factor money be the deciding factor.

So that is what I see a lot.
People SAY money isn’t important.
But EVERY decision they make comes forth from whether there is or isn’t enough money.
They aren’t able to pursue their dreams because they aren’t willing to make money a priority.

For me, financial freedom means that you can do what you truly want to do because you know there is always a way to create more money.
And there really is.
Sure, you got to invest some time and energy (and money) to teach how this works, but there is always a way.
If you are willing to show up in your life, the Universe is willing to give you everything you desire.

Learning how money works has changed everything for me.
I am STILL learning.
Because with every desire, there are new things I need to learn when it comes to money.
But I am SO much more free these days.

I let go a LOT of feelings of guilt and fear around money.
EVERYTHING changed for me once I saw the truth about money: Money IS love.

And I would LOVE to teach you how this works so you can be freer too and step into your full potential.
So please, sign up for my Money is Love Online Program HERE.

Love, Maartje

— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

— I help powerful creators, creative entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, healers, leaders of the new era and everyone who wants to make money just by being themselves to Magically Manifest their life and business.
I teach them to live in accordance with the universal laws of Creation to effortlessly attract more clients, more money, more creativity and above all more freedom, connection to source, flow, fun, ease, and love.
Often they feel they want to do things in their own way and break out of all the boxes society has created for them. Somewhere deep down they feel they are meant for greatness and I help them to discover and express that greatness within them AND make money doing that.
I helped ten thousands of people really understand manifestation and get amazing results. You can get access to my FREE online program: The ULTIMATE Manifesting program 

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Love Maartje