At the moment I am writing this, I am in a really fancy restaurant for lunch.
I was really excited to come here and enjoy some lunch and prepare the Money healing I planned for tonight.
And as soon as I sat down, that feeling crept back up…

Of feeling out of place in this fancy restaurants with all these fancy looking “suit people.”

OMG. Wasn’t I DONE with block already?
Didn’t I leave this behind a couple of years ago?

Well, apparently not.
Apparently, those damn money blocks keep creeping up from time to time.

I can remember a situation a couple of years ago.
I was already doing SO well with my business.
I was visiting a corporate environment.
It was summer, and I was dressed super casually, and I was wearing my flip-flops.
And I felt the same way.

Totally out of place.
Feeling less than everyone else.
That I had no reason to be there.
That I was there “illegally.”
That there would be this moment that people will notice that I am not supposed to be there, and they will kick me out.

And at a moment like that you can do two things:

1. Either you dwell in your insecurity and keep feeling out of place.
2. OR tell yourself a different story.

And that is exactly what I did that day, and that is exactly what I am doing right now.
Healing and changing that creepy little money block.
Of not being enough.
Of not fitting in.

I belong here because I choose to BE here.
I LOVE these kinds of high-end environments where people take REALLY good care of you.
Maybe those corporate people LOVE their jobs. Well, I HOPE so of course. But I also know that a lot of those people CRAVE for the freedom I created in my life.
And in a moment an image flashes before my eyes: the image of them, taking off their ties and climbing on the table, dancing wild and swinging that tie above their head.
Breaking out of the mold they are in.
The mold I already left behind…

And that is the same way I felt that day, a couple of years ago.
I sank into the freedom I created.
I embodied my flip-floppy self. I NEVER wear shoes when it’s warm enough to wear flip-flops. And I wasn’t allowed to wear them when I was still in my day-job so now I celebrate every day that is flip-flop day 🙂
I even wore my flip-flops on stage at one of my events haha.
And some voice also whispered in my ear: “Maartje, you are probably making more money than most of these people.”
And no, it’s NOT about the money. Money doesn’t give you “status” or something like that. But it still felt DAMN good to come to that realization haha.

People chronically underestimate me.
I never could be that person that makes this instant amazing impression. It’s just not who I am.
Yes, I talk a LOT on my livestreams and webinars, but it just takes me a little while to open up and show myself when I am around people I haven’t met before.
And, to be honest, I kind of like that. It’s ok for me.
I kind of like being a little bit of a mystery.
It feels that I am carrying around this little secret. The secret of being really successful.
That is also why I HATE doing elevator pitches. I like it to just get to know each other and fall deeper in love over time.
THOSE relationships are the best!
So that is also how I like to build relationships in business.
Relationships that are built on a foundation of passion and excitement, often lose their magic when the passion dies out. And it almost always does. And then they aren’t able to find that in the other person anymore, and the resistance kicks in. I had that too a couple of time with clients. That is not something I want to choose anymore. I like building something real that lasts for years an years to come.

But you know: THIS is the work you need to do around money.
Discovering your money blocks and telling yourself a different story around them and shift into that new you.

Last week I also discovered 2 HUGE money blocks that I did some BIG healing work around.

The first one was the belief that if people give me money, that there are always strings attached. Money comes with expectations.
Can you imagine what that money block does for me and my business?
It makes me only allow a certain amount of clients. Because anything more is too much to handle because everyone wants something from me.
Time too also let that belief go.

And the other one was, that I am responsible for making the money.
I can take care of myself. It is easy for ME to manifest the money.
I can handle the pain and discomfort that sometimes comes with breaking through money blocks and receiving money and ASKING for the money.
So I take care of everyone.
I pay the bills.
I don’t ask anything from anyone. Because I can deal with it. I can handle it. I can take care of myself.
OMG. Can you imagine what that money block does, not only for my business but also in my private life?
So I started healing that one too.
And opened up to the Universe helping me in receiving and creating.
Said Yes to someone offered me help in paying for something.
Opened up my heart.
Started to look at people like they are also powerful creators that ALSO receive everything from the Universe that they need to manifest everything they desire. They don’t need ME to do that for them.

And you know what happens when you heal deep blocks like these?
If you shift them on an internal level, your whole reality shifts with you.
Instantly there is more money flow.

But you just have to be willing to do the inner work and shift to telling yourself the story that IS aligned to who you really are: that abundant and powerful creator.

I would LOVE to help you shift some of your money blocks.
So I made a free money healing for you: click HERE for part 1 and HERE for part 2.

PS: I LOVED my sushi, and now I am going to order some crazy delicious, abundant and expensive dessert 🙂
To celebrate my success 🙂

Love, Maartje


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