I hope you had an amazing New Years Eve. My new years eve was super interesting and definitely NOT boring. I invited some friends and one of them, my dear friend Monica, came up with the plan to do a new years eve ritual.
We all wrote down what we wanted to let go and threw that in the fire before 12 o clock.
Then after 12 o clock, after all the fireworks and the best wishes, we shared what we wanted to manifest in 2019. We also wrote that down and threw it in the fire.
Surrendered it to the higher power.
It felt SO good to do this.
It felt so good to share it and solidify it.
I hope we make this a yearly ritual.

I already felt a deep shift happening in the last couple of weeks, and now I feel even more changes are coming.
I am super curious to see what 2019 is going to bring us.
I feel there is SO much possible.
It becomes easier and easier to generate energy and USE that energy to create an energetic forcefield that helps you break with things that aren’t serving you anymore and allowing things that DO add SO much value to your life and the lives of the people around you.
The time is really right for us to create everything we want and everything we are meant to be.
So what is it that you want for this year?

Opening up your heart?
Feeling more deserving?
More self-expression?
Being seen and heard for who you really are?

Everything you want is already there for you in the unseen.
Maybe you can’t SEE it now, but you can tap into it energetically.
ALL you have to do is set the intention to do that.
Do you notice that energetic shift?
That is the frequency changing.
Keep aligning with that frequency as often as you can.
Relax in that frequency.
Know that you don’t have to figure out HOW what you want comes into your life. Because the Universe does only ONE thing and that is reacting to your energy field. You ARE the Universe. You ARE the creator of your reality.
So if you raise your energy and keep aligning with that energy, then it WILL come.

BUT …. (Yup, there it is.)
The thing is this: There is no empty space. A vacuum will always be filled up.
If you are not consciously asking, random shit that shows up.
And if you ARE consciously asking for new stuff, you have to release the old.

You have to say goodbye to:

Old behavior that doesn’t serve you anymore and isn’t aligned with the energy you want to shift into.
People that are not resonating on that frequency.
Thought and beliefs that aren’t aligned with what you want to create.

And everything else that is NOT aligned with where you want to go.

But most of the time we don’t KNOW what is not aligned AND we are scared to look at it.
Because letting go can be SO hard.

You don’t want to hurt anybody.
You might think you are being super spoiled and unreasonable because you might already have a pretty good life. Who are YOU to ask for MORE?
Who are YOU to let people step up their energetic game for you?

And you don’t want to deal with the judgments of people that are affected by you asking for MORE.
It’s hard for people if you change. They might not get it, and they might project that frustration onto you, and you have to accept that and just let it be and NOT try to fix it for them.

OR …. even worse …. They let go of your desires again because it just feels TO.DAMN.HARD.

But that IS what most people do.

They ask for what they want.
The Universe shows them what it will take.
Brings situations on their path that will raise their vibration (Most of the time in the form of a challenge or contrast.)
They try to work through it.
But if they are halfway there, or sometimes even almost there. They let go again.
They give up.
They are not prepared to rise to the challenge.
They slip back in who they are.
They just can’t handle what it takes.

But you know what?
That’s NOT ok anymore, and you feel it.
You have ALL this unfulfilled potential.
You have ALL these desires that want to come to life, and it’s no longer ok to suppress ANY of it.

Let’s be honest: If you are at the end of your life and you look back, can you TRULY live with yourself?

How PROUD are you going to be of yourself when your tombstone says:

“She didn’t live up to her full potential, but at least she didn’t offend a lot of people.”
“He never experienced the love he was meant to experience, but at least he was being “fair” to the people around him and gave them an honest chance.”
“She never lived her dreamlife and started that business and created a life of total freedom, but at least she had the experience of a steady paycheck, and her partner was happy and not threatened by her potential.”

And yes, that might trigger you, and that’s ok. But just think about it.
Just let the resistance BE there and REALLY think about it.

What is the REAL reason you are hanging on to stuff that isn’t serving you anymore?

WHO are you kidding here?
Is this EVER going to be ENOUGH for you?
And if you say to yourself: “Yes, I am settling for this.” Can you really ever forgive yourself?

How much longer do you have to be fair? Or nice?
How many chances do you have to give people to finally get what YOU want?
How much longer do you have to make yourself invisible so you won’t offend anyone?
How much longer will you have to stay silent because people don’t understand you?
How much longer do you need to feel lonely because you are not REALLY letting anybody in?
How much longer do you have to feel “too much” because you are surrounded by people who want nothing more for themselves then an “average” life?

Enough is enough right?
It’s a new year.
Time to release the old and step into the NEW.
And this time for GOOD.
There is no going back.
You have been on the threshold for TOO long now.

And yes, it might be scary, but the rewards? OMG, the rewards are SO big.
The FEELING of expensiveness you get is SO intense.
LIFE oozing through every PORE of your body.
The energy you feel.
They GREATNESS you experience.

And you know what?
EVERYTHING you want is RIGHT in front of your eyes.
You just have to open up to it and be willing to do what it takes and just NOT SETTLE for less. Because settling for less then what you TRULY want and deserve, will NEVER bring you where you want to be. NEVERRRRRR!

Love you!


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