There is one thing not a lot of people do (YET!)
I notice there is BIG resistance in doing this one thing.
But this is what I have learned: If you do this one thing, it will help you solve all of your money stress.

Besides …. have you ever noticed that you could learn the most from the stuff you have the most resistance at? That there is always a lesson and a BIG shift behind the resistance?

If you KEEP doing this one thing and incorporate it in your Alignment practice, it will help you create more then you ever thought was possible.
I have been practicing this for years. And I know about it for years, but there was resistance to REALLY committing to this thing.
But now that I am committed to it, my whole reality has changed. Maybe not even from the outside in, but DEFINITELY from the inside out.

I feel SO balanced and in control and full of faith these last couple of months.
I had been stuck with my business for over a year, and now it’s flowing again like never before.
I get idea after idea that generates more followers or clients and more value to the people who follow me.
I have a TON of energy to actually take the actions I want to take.
I have SO much faith now that I can easily make all the money I want to make AND do it exactly MY way: with lots of space to write and create and do my energy readings and spent time with my family and friends.

And I know that if I am sharing what this one thing is with you in a couple of seconds, your first thoughts may be: “Ohhhh. Is THAT it? I KNOW about this. I am already DOING this.”
But honestly?
No. Most people AREN’T doing this.
And IF they are doing it, it’s only for a couple of moments or for one or two areas of their lives, not for everything. Not ALL the time.
And I KNOW because I am not even doing it THAT hardcore, but I will. Because I see what it is bringing me.

So what is THE most important thing that will heal most of your Money stress?
And will help you manifest everything in your life that is everything you need to get the most out of your life?


Surrender your Money problems to The Divine.
I call it God.
But I know that a lot of people have resistance against this word. So to increase the chance that you will actually HEAR what I have to say, I use the word Source.
You can also use the word Universe, higher self or life or whatever feels aligned for you.

I have been reading an amazing book these last couple of months:

“It’s not your money.” by Tosha Silver.
It has SUCH a strong message.

We are Source manifested in physical body’s.
We create our reality by projecting our beliefs and awareness onto our physical reality.

We aren’t our body’s.
We ARE consciousness.
We ARE Source.

I teach people how they can live in alignment. But what does that even mean?
You are in alignment, or something is aligned if your energy or what you desire is also what Source desires for you.
And again: you ARE Source.
You are everything.
So it’s not that something, or an energy or a “spiritual being” or a “spiritual force” has power over you.

But here comes the tricky thing.
Because if people would surrender, they would see the perfection in everything.
Source doesn’t make mistakes.

Whatever your money situation is now, it’s PERFECT for you to learn all the lessons you need to learn and get wherever your Soul wants to lead you.

And there comes your Ego.
Instantly trying to convince you that this is not true. Saying things to you like:

“How could SURRENDER lead to more money?
Shouldn’t we just WORK more or work HARDER?
If it was so simple, why wouldn’t we all just surrender?

And what if it’s wrong?
What if surrender leads nowhere and I give up all my power and all my control?
If I surrender, am I going to DO anything, or am I just laying on my couch or spend 2 years on a park bench like Eckhart Tolle?”

So WHY does the Ego does this?
Because the more you live from a place of surrender, the more your Ego dissolves.
And your Ego is just fighting to stay alive.
And it DID keep us alive for centuries.
But we are shifting from a society where we have to fight to stay alive to a more evolved society where a lot of people are waking up and creating a new earth.

So how do you know the difference between Ego and Soul?

Ego has the energy of fear, survival, wanting to be perceived a certain way by other people.
It wants to “save” people and has all these expectations around self and how other people should show up for it.
It operates from a place of separation and just wants to protect itself.

Soul has the energy of Love, Abundance and cares about alignment and not about how it is perceived by other people.
It doesn’t expect anything from anyone because it knows when it does precisely what feels in alignment that you will automatically be of the highest value to the right people, even though they won’t perceive it that way, because they are coming from a place of Ego.
It operates from a place of oneness. We are all one. EVERYTHING in your reality IS you.

So, a lot of people are scared to make this shift.
The Ego pain feels REAL.
The fears coming from the Ego feel real.

But if you can break through that and start trusting Source fully and completely, a whole new Universe will open up.

So are you courageous enough to surrender your money to Source? To God?

Surrender all the stress you feel right now when it comes to money?
Trust that there is always enough?
Trust that Source always takes care of you?
That what’s meant to be and what is in your highest good, will stay in your life and what isn’t in your highest good will leave your life?
We won’t always see the bigger picture, but Source does.
Can you surrender your money goals?
Can you surrender all the way’s money can come in your life?
Can you surrender money itself?
Can you surrender your resistance around money?

It’s really not your money. You are just a vessel.
Just show up, give value, find alignment with the subject of money and let the money flow with love.
Money is love remember?

You DON’T have to be scared that surrendering is passive and that you will lose all control.
You will STILL take aligned actions. But every resistance, or expectation, heavy feeling or every (false) positive feeling you will surrender to Source.
By surrendering everything, you will become a clear vessel that money can easily flow through.

Besides …. we don’t have “control” anyway haha. It’s all just an illusion.
You see that the people who create from Soul and from love and who show up for Source to offer value to the world, are the people who make the most money.
Just think of the successful people you know. What do they do differently?
And now think of the successful and HAPPY people you know.
They have faith.
They SHOW up in their lives.
Creating is just FUN for them, and they LOVE what they do, and they LOVE to serve.
Maybe they don’t use the same words, but they just know that life will take care of them. And they just see themselves as really powerful creators.

So WHY are you holding on to fear?
WHY are you holding on to the thought or the belief that you have to do everything yourself?
WHY is there any resistance to the thought that it doesn’t have to be so hard?
Source is here to help and to serve you. But it HAS to be a two-way street.
You DO have to let Source/ God into your life.
You have to ASK for help and guidance.
You have to ACTIVELY surrender.
We live on a free-will planet, so if you want to make it hard or you want to sacrifice yourself, you can. Source can never intervene without you actively asking for intervention (Except maybe if you would want to blow up the planet or something.)

Often when people find it hard to surrender, it’s because they have been disappointed a lot in their life.
They have told themselves the story that they can’t trust other people or life itself.
That they can only count on themselves.
But then you are forgetting this: You ARE the Universe. Not your Ego self, no the Source part of you!
You are actively creating everything in your life every single day.
So what magical shifts would you be able to create if you would start to see your power?
And that your creative power goes FAR beyond your physical body and the actions you take?
Can you start trusting the Source of all creation to make stuff happen?
And yes, things will often come in unexpected ways.
Sometimes things won’t come at all, because it’s really not in your best interest.
Sometimes the shortest way to get somewhere is to first let go of other stuff.
So, yes, you really have to live from a place of trust.
But isn’t that what we want in the end?

And that ALL comes from YOU.
And then the WHOLE Universe will react to that energy you radiate out.

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I would LOVE to help you heal your Money Stress.
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Love, Maartje

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