Business Alignment Question: How many emails do you send to your list?

And the standard answer to every question you will ever ask me (lol. Now you do not need to follow me anymore haha)

Whatever feels right for you.
Whatever feels aligned.

But …. of course, I can offer some more clarity around this subject 🙂
Because that is the thing with deciding what feels good ….. those gremlins instantly come up.
And with gremlins I mean: Those sneaky limiting beliefs about what you can’t do and what you think you’re supposed to do.

So I give you a couple of examples.
I hope these examples will give you permission to make the choices that feel most aligned for you.

So I got an email from one of my former coaches. This is what he writes in his email:

“This will be the LAST Newsletter I send. The simple reason for this is that I find the concept of Newsletters boring (and needlessly costly).”

BAM, there you have it.
He chooses not to write any more emails because he doesn’t think its fun. And when you don’t get joy (or use) out of something, it is also REALLY hard to commit to paying for something.

One of my other former coaches sends emails to her list multiple times a day. And when she launches a new program (and especially toward the end of a launch), she sometimes sends up to 6 emails (besides her regular emails)

Another one of my coaches also stopped putting a lot of effort into his emails. He believes that email marketing is dead. And of course, when you have that belief, it’s no use sending a lot of emails.

I am somewhere in between.
I LOVE sending emails.
For me, it’s a great way to communicate and share energy.
I LOVE to write.
I LOVE this medium to connect with you.
Even if you don’t read all the emails I sent you, I still hope to send a little bit of love and powerful creative energy along with the email that just drops straight into your energy field 🙂

And alignment is all about lining up your actions with your beliefs.
Before I gave myself permission to send out daily emails (or sometimes even more than once a day) I had some fears and limiting beliefs around that topic.
And that is the really important thing here:

What do you believe? And can you tell yourself a different story?

Because if you DON’T want to sent emails (as my former coach), the beliefs can be:
Coaches told me I should use email marketing.
The money is in the list, so then I won’t make any money.
If I don’t send emails, how would I then connect with people?
I have ALL these people on my list, I can’t just QUIT that right?

But you know what, there ARE always other ways to market your business.
Through Facebook advertising, you can target specific people.
If you offer a high level 1 on 1 service, most people prefer networking and just calling people.
But you HAVE to be willing to take THOSE actions.

And if you feel resistance right now. Or you are even mad that I am telling people that a list is not a requirement to make money, that is because you have a belief around this.
And I agree with you: I can’t imagine having the same success without my email list. But there was a time before the internet that businesses made money and that still is possible.

And if you DO want to send emails or even a LOT of emails, there can be limiting beliefs too.

For me these were the biggest limiting beliefs:

People don’t like to receive a lot of emails.
I shouldn’t “bother” them this much.
It is “salesy” to send a lot of emails.

And you know what. EVERY time I want to send more emails, the same beliefs come up, and I have to let them go again by telling myself a different story.

This is the story I tell myself now:

My emails have a LOT of value in them.
Creating your reality is HARD. People fall back into their limiting thinking really quickly. They need reminders EVERY single day.
I am the example for people that shows up daily and shares valuable content.
I actually know what I am talking about.
Even though I have periods in my life where I go through shit, I am STILL there. I am STILL working on my business, aligning with what I want to create.
I do what almost everyone wants to do, but almost nobody has the guts to do it because they are afraid to do it.
And they can follow me, and they can learn: You can do anything you want to do. And sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want or think or hope, but you can always make new decisions and create a new reality.
And people can see that because I email them DAILY.
So the daily emails aren’t JUST emails. They are a form of coaching.

And yes, OF COURSE, I then sell you my program. Because if you feel motivated when reading my emails, what do you think will happen when you actually follow one of my programs, and I get the chance to teach you even MORE?

I KNOW what you want.
You want the dream life.
The amazing relationship.
The beautiful house.
You want to serve people genuinely.
You want to feel good about yourself.
You want to be visible in a way that feels amazing.
You want to follow flow AND still make lots of money.
You want to love yourself just the way you are.
You want to create an amazing life, without having to change who you are.
You want to have amazing people in your life.
You want to be happy.

I want the same things.
The difference between most people and me is that I am willing to do what it takes.
I actually create what I want.
And yes, sometimes I make mistakes. I am only human.
And then my ego is not too big to admit that I wasn’t smart about something and I MOVE ON.
And that is what I can teach you. And a LOT more.

So is it JUST AN EMAIL I send to people?
It really is not.

And of course, some people think that it is too much.
And they have all these judgments around it.
But those are their judgments, not mine.
And of course, not everyone resonates with me, my energy and how I create my life and business. That is ok too. I am only one woman, so I can’t help everyone anyway.

I want to help you too, to break through the limiting beliefs that hold you back.
I want to be your cheerleader too!
I just had an amazing call with the clients in my Alignment Mastery program. I helped them with:

* Aligning with the right client.
* How to take a difficult business decision.
* How to move past the fear of wanting to create an offer or online program, but not doing it.
* What is the mindset that makes building your business really easy.
* How to deal with

These calls are always SO valuable. And I offer SO much more in the Business Alignment program.
And the coaching is month to month, you can quit anytime. So there is really nothing to lose.
ANYONE who knows they are not creating their business from a place of 100% alignment should become a member of this program.
Because any excuse not to sign up, is just what it is: an excuse. Or it is that you feel that it’s not in alignment for you to join now. That should be the only reason not to join. But unfortunately, people often don’t know the difference between something not being in alignment or being lead by fear.
And that is one of the things I am going to teach you, to feel that difference.

HERE you can read all about the Business Alignment Mastery program.

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Love, Maartje

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