I LOVE building my business and having the feeling of being guided.
I LOVE how things just naturally unfold.
I LOVE that the Universe just shows me what I need to do when I am connected to my Soul. When I let Soul lead the way.

It’s SO freaking funny how the Universe leaves clues for what you are supposed to do. ALL you have to do is work on that connection and just be open and follow the clues.

The last couple of weeks, being connected to my Soul has been SO important to me.
Letting ALL my energy be there. Letting is ALL just flow.
It has been a HUGE theme in my life.
And I FEEL that connection more and more.
I felt the desire to connect with people’s Soul. With their true essence. AND connecting people to THEIR souls.
But HOW? What was I supposed to do and where was I supposed to start?

But you know what: the HOW never matters. Because that is the job of the Universe. So I just trusted that it would unfold perfectly and I stayed open to receive answers.

In the week after I asked those questions, I joined a webinar through Zoom from my friend Veronique. And the structure of the call was just SO much fun with the live interaction. So I thought: I am going to do that too. JUST for fun. I was looking for a way to connect more with my clients, and this seemed like a great thing to do.
So JUST to try it out, I booked in a free coaching Call. I had no idea and intention behind it, other then it seemed like fun.
And it was.
I think people have gotten a TON of insights. But MY biggest insight was this: even though people have practical questions (they always do haha)
How can I grow my business?
How can I make more money and get more clients?
How can I juggle ALL the things I have on my plate?
How can I finally pull through and make something happen instead of having 1001 ideas?

I didn’t GIVE them practical tips.
I taught them that the answers and the solutions are always in the layer above.
It’s always in the layer of Soul and how creation works.
So we looked at: What is your dominant energy? And where does your energy shift to that is in complete alignment with your Soul?
The process of Creation is SO fascinating. And it’s SO fascinating to see, that if you start creating from these higher levels, how quickly things can change and shift in your life. I see it in my own life ALL the time.

And is it EASY? No, you need focus and discipline to start implementing this.
You need to start creating in a way that almost no-one creates. And people want to convince you to keep creating the old paradigm way ALL the time.

But you know what? If you GET it. If you DO it and if you COMMIT.
OMG, Amazing things happen.

As in this example.
Because after the call I realized: OMG, I am ALREADY connecting people to their Source/ Soul energy.
What I was desiring I was already doing. I just didn’t SEE it, but the Universe showed me the way, as it ALWAYS does!

The ONLY thing that was stopping me to step fully into that role is that people LOVE to tell their “earthly” stories.
They LOVE to tell their problems time after time after time.
It’s like they want a gold medal and a standing ovation for all the sacrifice and the pain they endure.

But if you want to live from Source, you have to let that go. You have to start giving zero fucks about what your reality IS.
You have to stop using your stories as a way to get attention or to feel good about yourself. IF you want to change your reality that is. Because If you DON’T want to change your reality, then you can do EXACTLY what you already were doing.
The only thing that is important is how you feel, how your energy flows and what you want to create in every single moment.

But of course, we have been taught that we can’t be “unpolite.” That we have to let people finish their sentences.
But the more people talk about their “problems,” the more their energy spirals down and the more they are disconnected from Source. AND the harder it is to connect them to Soul energy again.

And in this call, I noticed that I really didn’t give people space to go there. To go to the energy of their problems.
And maybe it was a little unsatisfying for some people on the call because we are SO used to “face reality” that it almost feels “irresponsible” to NOT face reality and start focussing on the energy that is in alignment with what you want to create.
Our problems and stories feel like a warm and comfortable, and if you let go, you have NOTHING. And that is correct. But from that NOTHING, you can start to create EVERYTHING.
I promise you: it is THE ONLY WAY. IF you want to create a different reality that is.
And THAT is exactly why I coach people. It takes a LOT to make that shift and to slip into trust. But the people who commit and are willing, ready and able to clean up their energy, will create MORE than they ever thought was possible.
I NEVER EVER in a MILLION years thought I would become a spiritual leader 10 years ago.
And have my own business.
And earn this much money and influence this many lives.
I always hoped that something would happen, but that I actually would be doing THIS, is beyond my wildest dreams.
And I JUST got started. So what ELSE is possible?

And you know what is super funny about this manifestation story? I started my business by doing readings for people haha. Apparently, it was there ALL along! And it ALWAYS is. It just takes some shifting and growing to fully step into our Souls Mission.

So what is possible for you?
Are you ready to let go of what you are holding on to so tight?
And are you ready to connect to SOUL?
So start living from Soul?

I would love to mentor and coach you!
HERE you can read all about the Soul reading and book your spot.

Love, Maartje


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Often they feel they want to do things in their own way and break out of all the boxes society has created for them. Somewhere deep down they feel they are meant for greatness and I help them to discover and express that greatness within them AND make money doing that.
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