We all experience this every once in a while: that feeling of not being aligned. Feeling resistance. Feeling irritated towards people, things or all of the above.
Over the next couple of days I will share some tips to help you to break out of it.

Tip 1:
Don’t attach meaning to it that it doesn’t have.

So often, I see people wanting to know what it “means” when they are not feeling well, when they have an ache somewhere, when they are sick or when they go through a series of unpleasant things. But overthinking this only makes us more aligned to it.
And I GET it. Because it is natural for us to want to understand.
We really badly want to INTELLECTUALLY understand why things “happen” to us, so we can fix them.
So we KNOW what we should change.
In the past I myself used the signs books by Flemish author Christiane Beerlandt or the book “Sleutel tot zelfbevrijding” (Key to self-liberation). And I would look up what it meant when I received a speeding ticket, or noticed a dead bird lying on the road a couple of times, or when I had a specific illness.
And I am not telling you that you shouldn’t or can’t do this, because I did so myself for years on end.
I found out that this is still a very limited view of the reality.
And besides that, it always comes down to the same thing:

Something isn’t aligned.
Something wants to come about in your life that you are denying.
You aren’t living from the love, freedom, thankfulness and joy you are TRULY longing for.
You are doing things you really don’t want to do.

And the more intense your illness or negative incident is, the farther you are removed from alignment. And you can spend hours, days and weeks figuring out WHAT exactly is going on or WHY something is happening, it will only keep you from getting more aligned.
By doing this, you remain on the same frequency and you will create more of the same or it may even get progressively worse, because you are focusing on what you DON’T want.

Tip 2:
Ask yourself what you need.

When I feel over-stimulated or heavy, it often means I need space. I need to isolate myself from the world. I need to NOT take my family’s, client’s, team’s or whoever’s wishes into account.

I put on my headphones and listen to inspiring audios or meditations, and I go for a walk, journal, get a massage, align or do something else fun.
At that moment I just can’t tolerate any energy from other people around me who are expecting me to consider them.

And what I certainly am NOT going to do, is take any important decisions.
What I often see people do (and have done a LOT myself), is that they want to do a full 360 or want to do things “differently” when they feel that it’s not aligned. And you probably WILL make decisions and do things differently, but when you are doing that from the same consciousness you created the problem in, you won’t get a different result.

Tip 3:
Write down what you are really longing for.

Grab a pen and some paper and write down what you are really longing for. And not what you think you “should” do, what others want for you or what you feel comfortable asking for.
No, write down what you TRULY want.
At the same time you can look at the limiting beliefs that may pop up while doing this. Write those down too and heal them using Ho’oponopono.

And when you are busy or have stuff that needs to get done, and don’t have time NOW to sit down and write, then apply Ho’oponopono to everything that comes up during the day. Restrain yourself so as to not create extra drama.
Just let people know you aren’t feeling so great, and ask the people around you to give you some space and time to work through your own shit.
Let them know that it’s got nothing to do with them, they aren’t causing it.

And also beware of complaining or nagging, because that way you are aligning even MORE to the problem. Just make this a fun day, and know that you’ll grab the first chance you get to do the exercise.

Tip 4:
Don’t drag yourself down and don’t make things worse than they are.

People often tend to entertain many negative thoughts when they are feeling low.
They think they’ll never make it.
That they are predestined to fail.
That it will never change.

Or they talk down on themselves.
Beware of that, and just don’t do it. You’re only making things worse by doing that, and it just isn’t truthful.
You are simply feeling a bit low, because something new is ready to arise and the contrast your are experiencing is nothing more than just an invitation to see what may be shifted.

It is a temporary state and the less attention you feed it with and the faster you can shift your thoughts to what you DO want, the faster it will be over.

It is simply a matter of realigning. So work on THAT, and prevent yourself from slipping into a downward spiral. It’s all matter of choice, so make sure you make the right choices. Don’t see yourself as a victim of your emotions, because you aren’t.

A powerful creator learns to be stronger than negative emotions, distractors and other shit. This is once again a chance you get to practice that.

Tip 5:
Realign to the frequency of your dreams.

Once you know what you REALLY want, align to that for the next couple of days.
Write down positive affirmations, I AM statements and/or a new script.
And really intensely align to that, until you see things starting to shift again.


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