We all go through confusing situations.
I am going through one RIGHT now.
And I have been through a TON of confusing situations, just like you.

I always say: confusion comes before clarity.
So why is that?

You are shifting into a new energy.
You are in the middle of an energetic shift.
And you are trying to figure out in your head what is going on.
You are trying to make sense of it all.

But you can’t.
And this is why:

You are trying to make sense of it from your current level of awareness.
But you can only think thoughts and feel feelings that are in alignment with your current level of awareness.
And you are looking at the situation from beliefs that are no longer serving you.

The shift you are about to make is “forcing” you to let go of old beliefs, habits, and thought patterns that are no longer serve you.

So the answers will come from doing two things:

1. Stop trying to figure it out from your head and shift to a place of inner knowing.

And that is SO scary.
In this phase, all kind of doubts will creep up to the surface.
Because if you are going to acknowledge what you know deep down inside, you will probably have to give some things up and let things go that are no longer working for you.
But what you have in your life now is ALL you know.
And you have NO idea of your desires will ever come to life.
And what if you are wrong?
What if you let go of something or someone and it won’t work out?
What if you make the wrong decision?

And that fear can be paralyzing.
It holds you in a vacuum, and you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.


You are ready to acknowledge what you KNOW deep inside you.
The new reality of what you know is possible for you.
That is what you are shifting in to.
But it hasn’t been anchored into this 3D reality, so the ONLY place you can connect with it, is deep down inside of you.

So, let me tell you this.
And I am also telling this to myself right now.
And I probably have to remind myself of this a couple of dozen times more.

Your inner knowing is right.
What you feel is possible, IS possible.
What you feel can happen for you, can actually happen for you.

So the first thing we need to do is, to be honest to ourselves.
Really acknowledge what we are feeling and knowing deep down.

So I will go first. I hope that will make it easier for you.
What you want is NOT “weird.”
Every desire is just a preview of what is possible.

And believe me: writing this down, acknowledging it scares the HELL out of me. Because of all the reasons I have written above.
I am afraid that I am wrong.
I am afraid this will never happen for me, and I am going to make a fool out of myself.

But I AM going to share it with you.
Because I have felt this fear a million times before.

When I made the decision to start living my Mission.
When I started my business.
Every time I start talking about stuff that is “out there” like Starseeds or Twin Flames.
Every time I organize a big event.
When I started offering my work in English.
And dozens of other times.

And every time it works the same way.

The desire won’t go away.
What I feel I need to do, won’t go away.
It only gets stronger and stronger.
Sometimes up until the point that it frustrates me to no end and I am just surrendering.

And that brings me to the second point:

2. Surrender.

Surrender to your desire.
Surrender to God.
NOT trying to figure it all out.
NOT trying to make a plan, or get the reassurance that it will all work out.
But surrender and trust.
Follow your inner knowing.

So my desire is to experience true love.
To experience a connection with someone that is SO “intense” and SO aligned, that it feels like you are the same person.

Even writing this down, makes my stomach cringe.
ALL my old thoughts and beliefs get triggered by this desire.
And that’s the thing with Soul desires. You think you will be happy if you get what you want. But what happens instead is that ALL the stuff that you need to heal comes up.

And I haven’t talked or written about this that much.
I have been hiding this desire for myself and from the world.
Because I am afraid people are going to judge me.
I am judging myself for it.

But I am sharing it anyway because this is how it works.
And I know you can relate to this.
And I know you also feel insecure and fearful about YOUR desires. Whatever your desires are because we all have our own unique path.
And the only way to heal this is to be open and honest about what we want and about what we feel so we can transform it and shift into the higher level of consciousness where our desires can manifest.

And no, I know it’s not really about the manifestation of the desires.
Our Ego thinks it is.
The pitfall is to think that you will be happy once you “have” what you desire.
But you can only manifest what you desire, if you are in alignment with it. And becoming aligned with our desires IS the true reward.
Shifting into Soul Alignment IS the true spiritual journey.

My desire to experience this intense connection with someone was always there.
And about 2 and a half years ago I began acknowledging that desire.
It was scary as HELL because I am married, and I was SO afraid that my husband wasn’t that person and that I have to let him go.

Then I met my Twin Flame. With him, I definitly had that connection.
But, just as I said: in order for your deepest desire to manifest, you have to let go of everything that isn’t aligned with that.
And I wasn’t there yet. And I still am not there yet.
But that’s ok. Because we are ALWAYS in the process of Creating en re-aligning and shifting closer to Source.
So my Twin Flame left.
And I was left behind to go through the ascension of a lifetime.

Now I know the Twin Flame journey is about creating that connection with YOURSELF first and foremost.
And I am not there yet. I am working on it.
Every day I am connecting to Source, my Soul, and the Twin Flame energy inside of me more and more.

And a lot of days I am doing SO well.
And today I am SO confused again.
Is this even real?
I have NO clue what he feels for me.
I haven’t spoken to him for six months. Wasn’t he “just” a Karmic Soulmate?
And my husband REALLY loves me; he has stood by me through all the triggers and pain that came up when my Twin Flame left me. Am I not just running away from real love with HIM?

And then I remember again that it’s not about all the 3D stuff.
I just CAN’T figure it out from my mind.
All the 3D stuff is just a mirror of MY level of consciousness.
Of MY (limiting) thoughts and beliefs.
Of ME not being able to receive “real love” yet, whether it’s with my Twin Flame or with my husband, or with WHOEVER.
I KNOW that if I shift MY consciousness, that a path will magically appear where there was no path before.
It’s ALL about aligning with the frequency of what I desire.

But this is what my inner knowing tells me, beyond ALL my fears and doubts:

I KNOW I am meant to experience this kind of love and connection.
And I am NOT settling.
I have to transform the fear-based energy and hold out for what I REALLY want.
I have to do the alignment work and NOT focus my attention on the 3D stuff.

And I don’t know how this will manifest.
I don’t know when.
I just don’t know.

But God (Source, the Universe) does.
So I have to surrender and just follow the path.
Life brings us challenges and opportunities ALL the time to shift closer and closer into alignment with what we want.

Confusion comes before clarity.
So I am at a PERFECT spot right now, I guess 😉
And you are too.
It’s ALL about NOT making the 3D stuff more real then it is.
It’s not real.
It’s JUST a mirror of our current state of awareness.
And to REALLY look at what is behind the surface is SO damn freaking hard.
It’s easier to just walk away from it.
But that’s the thing: With your Life’s Mission and your twin Flame you just CAN’T.

Your Life’s Mission is why you are here on this earth.
It will keep calling you until you are ready to step up and serve.

Your Twin Flame is the other half of your Soul. There is no running away from that either.
You can deny it ALL you want, and believe me, I have been doing that with BOTH.

With my Soul’s Mission there is peace now.
I was in resistance and denial for 13 years and 5 years ago, I finally started owning my mission and showing up fully.
It just wouldn’t leave me alone. It still doesn’t. Every time I try to walk away from it, I get catapulted back into it.

And now it’s the same thing with the Twin Flame journey.
Every time I try to walk away from it, I get pulled back in.

My Ego wants to walk away. It’s too hard. I can’t do it.
But my Soul already knows the way, just as YOUR Soul already knows the way for YOU.
It’s just a matter of surrendering to it and follow your inner knowing.
So it’s time to start to acknowledge what we know deep in our hearts and just take it one step at a time.

With our Soul’s Mission AND with our Twin Flame journey (If you are also already on your Twin Flame journey.)

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