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Creating a daily alignment ritual is one of the most important things you can do to become a Master Manifestor.
In the video I share with you what the difference in my life was before filling in my Alignment journal on a daily basis and after I started doing it.

When you start consciously creating your life instead of reacting to your circumstances, everything is going to change for you.

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  • Connecting to the Divine and manifesting from that place of connection.
  • Total surrender to fully trust God, yourself and life.
  • Connecting to your Divine purpose and living your Divine purpose.
  • Aligning to the frequency of receiving.
  • Aligning with the greatness that you are.
  • Aligning with abundance and manifesting lots of money.
  • Aligning with inspired action.
  • Aligning with love and attracting your ultimate lover (or lovers.)
  • Aligning with being magnetic for other people.
  • Aligning with being a magical creator.
  • Aligning to your perfect health and lots of energy.

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There wouldn’t be any more wars, poverty or hunger because people would just KNOW how to manifest what their soul needs to not only survive but to THRIVE in life.
I am studying the Law of Attraction for almost 20 years, and I helped ten thousands of people in the Netherlands (and now over the whole world) with creating a life and business that supports them in any way possible.

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