When in the journey of manifesting something, we often tend to look at what is NOT there. And then it could be that the amount of resistance we have for it NOT being there yet, grows.
And that resistance keeps your desire EXACTLY where it is now: NOT in your reality.

And that’s ok. Because it’s really NOT at all about manifesting “the thing” (or the person.) It’s about the journey we make on our way to manifestation.
It’s about the person we become and the growth of our consciousness.
Our desires guide us on our spiritual journey. But the ego makes you think it’s about “the thing.”
The “mistakes” we make when it comes to this topic are these:

1. The belief that we “need” the thing we want to become happy.
2. That the desire is something that shows up outside of us.
3. That we are doing something “wrong” if it’s not there yet.

And in this blog, I want to explain a little bit more about this.
Because if you DON’T know how this works, it’s easy to blame yourself, become frustrated and keep living in “lack-consciousness.” And all that makes it even harder for your Soul desire to show up.

1. You never “need” anything.

Your ego can REALLY trick you into believing you “need” anything.
But have you ever noticed that, if you want something REALLY bad, that it is just NOT showing up?
You are tugging at it, pulling at it. Maybe even praying for it to come into your life.
You are using EVERY manifesting tool you have ever learned, and STILL, it’s not showing up.

I hear it ALL the time from my clients: “Maartje, I am doing EVERYTHING right. WHY isn’t it HERE yet?”

Should you then just GIVE UP on what you want to manifest?
You should SURRENDER to it.
It will get there when it gets there.
It will arrive at the PERFECT time.
It’s NOT about the thing.
You don’t NEED anything to become complete, whole or happier. You already have ALL of that inside of you.


2. What you want is already inside of you.

Most people are continually looking OUTSIDE of themselves to manifest what they want to manifest.
But if you feel on a soul level that what you want to manifest is already a PART of you, it will just show up. You don’t need to work hard or pull out all the stops.
JUST do the inner work of aligning to what you want and take aligned actions from THAT space of being.

I will go deeper into how this works in the free training I am giving this week (Sign up link is at the bottom of the blog.)

So if you feel you are “missing” something and you feel that “lack energy,” go inside.
Ask yourself the question: “How would I feel if this would already be in my life?”
And just GIVE yourself that feeling.
Because you are not missing the thing, you are longing for the feeling that you think the thing will give you.

Do you want more money?
What do you think that money will bring you?
Maybe freedom?
How does that FEEL for you?
And align with that feeling a couple of minutes. Think about some stuff you have in your life that already gives you that same feeling.

Go inwards EVERY TIME you feel you are “searching” for your desire in the “outside” world.

NOTHING you want is found in the outside world.
The outside world is a reflection of your inner world: of your energy field.

So, that brings me to point 3:

3. You are NOT doing something wrong of your desire hasn’t shown up yet.

You aren’t being “punished.”
It doesn’t mean you aren’t a powerful creator at heart.
It doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be. (ONLY if you feel it in your heart.)
Or WHATEVER strange conclusion you want to make around the desire not being here yet.

It JUST means that you aren’t FULLY aligned to it yet.
It’s not yet a part of who you ARE.

It’s really important to investigate how you REALLY feel about your Soul desire.
Does it feel natural that it will just show up? Or does it still feel like a fight?
Does your Soul desire feel close? Or do you feel an energetic distance between you and what you want?

Think of something that is really natural and normal for you to have. For example your phone or one of your friends or the table you are sitting at or whatever. Just think of something that is just always there.

This is what it is:
There is little to no resistance there.
It just IS in your life.
There is no push or pull.
There are little to none limiting beliefs around the topic.
There is little to no fear that it will leave your life. And if it does, you know you will be ok, because you know you will find a way to manifest another or something else.
There is little to no detachment.
In other words: you are in ALIGNMENT with that thing.

So when it comes to manifesting what you want, you can create the same energy around it.
And that has more to do with letting GO then with pulling, pushing, affirming etcetera.
Letting go of fears, limiting beliefs, detachment, pushing, pulling and everything else that brings forth resistance.

And how do you do that?
Well, of course, sign up for my free training, I will share more about it. But also this:

If you are in a place where you are feeling a lot of resistance you just don’t feel right. And life will ALWAYS guide you to a better feeling place.
So just trust where life is guiding you.
Learn to move with the stream of life, not AGAINST the stream.
Even if you feel pain or experience sadness or whatever, it’s ONLY “bad” if you label it as “bad.” If you just acknowledge what you feel and let it flow through you and not label it, it’s gone before you know it.

EVERYTHING will pass.
If you are in a bad place, know that it is ALWAYS to get you back into alignment. ALWAYS.
A lot of the times, if you are in a bad place, you can’t see what the good in it is, but you don’t have to. Just TRUST.

I always say: trust is the most spiritual practice there is. It is not something that is there automatically. You REALLY have to train that. So that is up to YOU.

And I GET it. Of course, you want to know that it will all work out.
Of course, you want to get some confirmation that your soul desire is on its way.
So look INWARD.
Does it feel close?
What’s the next logical step for you to take?
And ASK for guidance. The Universe will never interfere, but it’s ALWAYS there to help and to guide you.

And remember: it’s NOT about getting “the thing.” It’s about the person you are becoming. So WHO do you want to be? Go be that person! “The thing” will be there soon enough. And … then there are already new desires born inside of you to help grow your consciousness some more.

Got to love the game of manifesting

Love you always!


PS: This week I am hosting a FREE training on Manifestation in English on the topic: “How to magnetically pull in everything and everyone you desire.”

Manifesting your Souls desires is an AMAZING journey!
It invites you to grow tremendously as a spiritual being and a creator.

Because it is NEVER about what you want to manifest.
The Ego would LOVE to let you believe that it IS.
That’s why people are so busy in their 3D reality to manifest their desires.
They are mostly looking at what they need to DO to create what they want to create.

But you can ONLY see what aligned actions you need to take if you are 100% in alignment with what you want to manifest.
It’s ALL about becoming magnetic for what you want to manifest.
And you BECOME magnetic if you are 100% in alignment with the frequency of what you desire.
En THEN …. what you want shows up (almost) automatically because you take the RIGHT actions, from a place of total alignment.

In this training, I will teach you exactly how this works.

I am going to share the 3 biggest mistakes with you that I see people make OVER and OVER again and why they are not creating what they want to create AND I am going to teach you how to change this!

I see that a lot of people are tired.
Tired of working hard.
Tired of trying SO hard and not really getting ahead.
Tired of searching for the truth OUTSIDE of themselves.
And that is SUCH a waste because this doesn’t have to be this way!

You NEED that energy to live your MISSION. THAT is what’s truly important.
It’s such a GIFT if you can just BE there for yourself and other people.
If you can add value to the world.
If you can realize your fullest potential.
And if you can have the feeling that you are doing and creating what you are MEANT to do and create.
That will really give you a sense of fulfillment, joy, and happiness.

This training is being recorded, and you will receive the replay, BUT I am going to share something really special during this training, so try to be there live.

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Love, Maartje