Do you know that you can create your life exactly the way you want it to be?
But do you ever think about what YOU really want?
And now you’re probably thinking: Yeah, sure, I think about that.
But do you really spend time TRULY thinking about it?
And are you thinking about it without taking into account what other people do, and what is “normal”?
Can you go beyond what you have assumed is normal? What you have been taught by your parents, school, society and everyone who has made an impression in your life?
Do you dare to let go of that and dive deep into your soul and ask yourself what you feel is truly important for YOU?
For YOUR happiness?
For YOUR wellbeing?
For YOUR power of creation?

SO many people are making decisions based on lack and fear. And the question is whether or not that is working for you. Probably not. Otherwise you wouldn’t have started following me.
But be honest: where are you still holding back?
What do you want and what are you longing for, and where are you telling yourself NO?
What sides of you are you hiding, and why?
And why are you saying no? Why are you playing small?
Because you arescared?
That one day you’ll wake up and the money will be gone?
That you will be irresponsible otherwise?
That you need to be careful with your money and save up? For when you will run out one day? For a “rainy day”?
Because you think it just isn’t “right”?

Whatever the reason may be, it usually comes down to this:
You are scared of other people’s judgements.
You are scared people won’t understand you.
You are scared that they WILL be right and that, one day, when everything collapses like a house of cards, people will say: “I told you so.”
You should have taken it more slowly.
You shouldn’t have done so much.
You should have been more frugal.
You should have listened.
You should have never given up that one thing.
You shouldn’t have made that choice.

But you know what?
Fuck that!

What is needed for you to finally REALLY trust yourself?
For you to finally REALLY trust that your desires are REAL and that they are destined to become reality?
For you to finally learn to REALLY listen to your inner voice? Because you and I both know that it is always telling the truth! Other people are NOT your inner voice. Only YOU can hear what your inner voice has to say!
When will you finally give yourself full permission to be yourself?

And then do that every single day. Day in, day out.

I have done that myself, today.
I was watching a documentary about a really young Norwegian chess player. He was so good and so driven, that he became world champion at a really young age. There may be a lot of people who know his name, but I don’t really follow the news on TV and in the papers.
But it really was an IMMENSLY inspiring documentary.
I always get emotional when I am watching documentaries or movies where people go to the greatest lengths for what they believe in and to achieve their goals. Whether it is playing chess, dancing, playing the drums, sports or whatever.

Because I too have that drive.

And I really often allow others to hold me back.

For most of my life I have FULLY believed in the lies people had told me.
That I had to get “proper” education, because I would never be able to earn a living in a creative profession.
That I had to act “normal”. That I had to adapt and that I should behave myself in order to “fit in”, and get a stamp of approval.

But you know what? No matter how hard I tried, I never fit in.
People didn’t understand me. They took advantage of my naivety. I didn’t belong anywhere, because I WASN’T MYSELF.
I tried to fit in at all costs, but how is that even possible when you think you need to be someone other than who you truly are?
Now this makes SO much sense to me, but back then it didn’t. I had no idea.

I had no idea who I was.
I had no idea what I wanted.
I only had vague desires and presumptions.

Today someone sent me an email, and she wrote me: I want to join your training, but I have no clue what I want, so I need to figure that out first.
And I totally recognize that.

I too was ALWAYS thinking about what I truly wanted.
I had the wildest plans. Every week I had a new idea for my business or a book. But I didn’t actually execute anything and I didn’t finish anything.
I was always telling myself: “If only I find out what I TRULY want, all will be okay.”
But it never came to me.

And do you know why that is? Because I absolutely wasn’t aligned to success, abundance or mega creations.
I was aligned to:
I can’t do it.
I’m not good enough.
I don’t know what I want.
This will never work.
And so on.

And then, one day, I’d had enough! One day I was tired of having dreams that would never come true.
I was fed up with having idea after idea and not REALLY starting on anything.
And then I did the only thing I could think of.
I started doing something that I would be able to quit at any time. Something I wasn’t tied into, because I couldn’t trust myself. I mean, I never finished anything, ever.
I had quit a lot of education programs. I was always let go after a couple of months, a couple years max, or I quit myself, or I fell absent for whatever reason.
So what did I do?
I started a blog.

And I was extremely proud of myself for finally doing something. Even when my blog hardly had any readers when I first started.
And I KEPT following the breadcrumb trail.
I KEPT taking the next logical step every time.
AND I learned to align, sometimes even really hardcore.

And every day I am inching closer towards the real me.
Every day I learn more about who I really am.
And that is exactly why I get so emotional watching movies about people who REALLY want to achieve something.
They remind me of me, so much.
Because I often feel that way.
But not about sports, music, dance or whatever, but about creating with ME.
Creating my life and business and anything else that wants to come into existence through me.

There is this wonderful quote. I’m not exactly sure who said or wrote it, nor what the exact wording is, but it is something like this:
That you need to push yourself, until you feel driven by something greater than yourself.

That is exactly how it is for me.
I have had to push myself a LOT of times (and still do sometimes).
But generally I feel driven by a force greater than myself.

And I still notice that most people don’t understand that.
And they mean well, I know they do. The advice, the warnings, they are meant well.
But it is not what I want to choose.

I have given it a lot of thought over the past week – how driven I am and whether or not that’s “normal”.
I can’t tell you how many times I was told that I should really take time to rest when I am on vacation or take some time off.
And I am realizing more and more: I don’t WANT to take time off.
Of course I will take a couple of hours here and there to do fun stuff.

I will go swimming and lie under a palm tree for a couple of hours, eat out and go on hours long shopping sprees.
But I don’t want to do nothing. I don’t want to feel obligated to take time “off” because that is what people do.
That doesn’t work for me. And I have a couple of reasons for it.

Because I have waited so fucking long to FINALLY create greatness. And now that I am doing it, it feels AWESOME and DIVINE and I simple don’t want to lose it again.
I am addicted to creation.
I am addicted to alignment.

And you know what, I am scared to write it down, as there REALLY are so few people who really get that.
They think it isn’t healthy. They are scared of the push.
But I LOVE it.
I finally feel alive.
I FINALLY feel that I am REALLY alive.

And maybe one day things will be less good again.
Maybe I will lose it all one day.
Maybe I will burn out one day.
Maybe I will be evicted one day, because I can’t afford it anymore.
Maybe we cannot book expensive holidays anymore or host Class A VIP events anymore.

But you know what?
At least I’ll have lived.
I’ll have been ME, fully and completely.
I will have lived life to the fullest, every single day.
I will have had fun.
I will have felt.

And believe me: I am REALLY enjoying this.
I enjoy creating lots of things.
I enjoy going to greater lengths than others do.
I enjoy pushing myself, and looking back proud of what I have accomplished and the fact that I at least DID it.

No more sidelines for me.
No more “take it easy” for me.

If I’m going to crash and burn, I’ll do just that.
And should I lose it all, then that’s just the way it is.

I don’t give a flying fuck.

Because I trust something else will come along that will be EVEN better.
AND I know it’s not about the money, the vacations or the villa.
It’s about how I can always create. I can always spend time with the people I love. I can always connect with people.
And THAT’S what it’s REALLY about.

And that fact, that I am prepared to lose it all, is why everything is coming to me.
And some people think it’s irresponsible, but I LOVE it.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

So… my lovely co-creator. What is it that YOU really want?
How do YOU want to live your life?
What are the most important values to YOU?
How do you want to manifest yourself in the world?
And can you give yourself permission to unabashedly align to that?
And to take the inspired actions that will help you to move along?


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