In this blog, I am going to explain to you what I do when I align. Because it’s a question, I often get.
First, I notice how I feel. 
At the time I write this blog, I feel restless, and I experience some contrast about a couple of things.
I DO have a to-do list, and it’s tempting to start with that to do list. But I KNOW, if I start that list, I feel more and more grumpy. Because checking things off a list is NOT what my business or my life is about.
And I also know that these tasks are then going to take me a LONG time AND that things won’t go my way. For example, this morning I was uploading a video and writing some emails from a place of misalignment, and my video got removed from youtube. Things then just don’t go as quick and in flow as I would like them to go.
But if I work out of alignment, things just flow.
So finding the flow again is really important to me. It might take some time to write my thoughts and feelings down and shift my story, but when I take the time to do that, I save a lot of time on all the other stuff I do, AND I feel happier doing them.
So why do I feel restless and what am I experience contrast about? 
For me, it’s super important to look at that honestly, so I can figure out what I want to do about it AND rewrite any stories I tell myself that are not helping me.
So the first reason I feel restless and grumpy is because I didn’t have any time to write today. I LOVE to write. And if I don’t have enough time to do that, this is the state I am in.
So that part of the problem I am solving right now.
I also experience some contrast because of something that happened in my business with a client. I am not going to share that publicly to honor them, but I DID write about it to my coach, and I would have written about it in my journal.
Then I would ask some questions to the Universe (or God.)
For example:
Ok, God, how can I shift this?
How can I decide on this topic that honors my client AND me? What is the choice that serves everyone in the highest way?
And what can I create today? 
What is possible for me today?
Asking questions opens up a different space. 
It gets you OUT of the energy of the problem and IN to the energy of possibilities.
Now I notice that my energy already is a little better. I notice a little bit more space in myself. I already feel a little calmer and more relaxed.
But I still don’t experience the alignment and space I long for at this moment.
So I would write a little more. At this time it feels good to write some script and some positive affirmations and go from there.
For example like this: 
I give myself permission to do whatever I want. 
Money comes flowing in, whatever I do.
I love how we structured the business, and I love how everything works FOR me.
Everyone is here in my life to support me.
Every day I receive the support I need and ask for.
Every moment I can give myself what my soul needs. What does my soul needs now?
And if you ask yourself these kinds of questions: just notice what comes up. And if nothing comes up, that’s ok too. Answers will always come at precisely the right time.
You can always ask: what can I write about now?
What does the Universe want to express through me now?
And … writing is my THING. For you, this can be something else that feels aligned for you.
And for me, seeking alignment is not only about writing some stuff. 
It’s about actually shifting my energy.
I also connect with my body and ask it how it wants to feel.
What energy wants to flow through my body.
And I let that energy flow through my body.
I expand my space.
Let myself sink deeper and deeper into the energy of love, space, possibilities, God energy and the energy of receiving.
And by doing that, I now REALLY feel a difference.
At this moment I sit here with my laptop at the lake. 
I am thankful for the life I build for myself.
I tell myself there is nothing to do or to achieve. I already have it ALL. AND at the end of the day, it’s never about “having” a lot of stuff or money or reaching a certain level of success.
It’s about just feeling happy for no reason at all.
Just for being alive.
For living in a Universe of endless possibilities.
For getting to choose how you feel at any moment, WHATEVER is going on around you.
And then I sink even deeper and deeper in that energy of total trust and surrender to all that is.
And now my energy really starts to flow. 
I feel it shifting.
And I don’t want to DO a lot at this moment. I want to experience this feeling. I just want to BE for a little while.
Just ponder a little bit.
Just be AWARE of the energy of creation.
Have dinner and maybe have a little nap.
And maybe later there is room for my to-do list. But now there’s not.
I always trust that everything happens at precisely the right moment in the right way.
And to receive a lot of results, you don’t have to DO a lot. It’s ALWAYS a matter of vibration.
And that’s how I align. 
I hope this will give you some powerful insights.
— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

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