First this: Did you see the energy reading that I did last week?
I LOVED doing it.
I LOVED that the cards were giving us SUCH a beautiful message and a beautiful story. I got really into it halfway through haha.
Every powerful creator who watched the reading told me I was SPOT on with the message and what is going on for them right now.
It’s a timeless message, so if it resonates with you, it’s the right time for you to watch it.

You can watch the reading back HERE.

One of the themes was that a cycle is coming to an end.
I didn’t really know what kind of cycle and how long this cycle took.
I also don’t really know if it’s the same for everyone, but for me, it really was a 2-year cycle. And another client also spoke about a cycle of 2 years, so maybe this is relatable for you too.

And the cycle I was talking about was: giving away your power.

Because what happens when a powerful creator gives away his or her power?
They can’t create the way they want to create.
Their power diminishes.

They still HAVE their dreams and desires.
They will STILL show up.
They will STILL take actions.
They STILL will try the best they can.
Because, in our hearts, we ARE powerful creators.
We are NO victims.
We aren’t going to cry in a corner. (Which doesn’t mean we never cry haha.)
But we generally also won’t give up.
Powerful creators tend to know what they want, and they are pretty focused on achieving what they want to achieve.
They are pretty connected with their Soul and follow Soul Guidance.

So, on what level did the powerful creator gave away their power?

By believing there is something or somebody outside of themselves that is going to make them happy (or miserable.)

There is NOTHING outside of yourself that can make you happy OR take away your happiness.
As long as you believe that, you KEEP giving away your power.
BUT ….. as shown in the reading: this IS the perfect time to end this cycle.

This is what the truth is:

YOU are the ONLY creator of your reality.
EVERYTHING in your life is a mirror of your thoughts and beliefs.
NOTHING happens by accident.

So if you are not making enough money and you think: “It’s because I am not launching the right programs.”
Or: “It’s because there are SO many people launching online programs, nobody wants to buy my program.”
OR whatever excuse you use.

That’s just not true.
You are not making enough money, because of YOUR awareness.
The concept of enough money simply isn’t IN your awareness.
And so you just can’t see and experience it.
It has NOTHING to do with your competition or whether you do the right things.
Because IF the concept of: “There is always enough money” was in your awareness, you would automatically offer the right programs and you wouldn’t even NOTICE your “competition” because that is just not a “thing.”

If you think that there is ANYTHING or ANYONE outside of YOU that dictates your reality, you give away your power.

So, this is my invitation to you:

Think about the thing you want to manifest.
What do you experience as your current reality?
And can you see that your perfect reality is a PERFECT mirror of YOUR beliefs?
Trust me, this is exactly what it is. And if you can’t see that mirror, or better said: are not PREPARED to see this mirror, then you are giving away your power AGAIN.

And I GET that this can be a difficult subject.
I GET that it can be confronting to take THIS much responsibility for your life.
It’s SO much easier to blame other people or blame the circumstances.
But: again: then you are putting your power in other people’s hands.

And maybe it feels good for a little while to let other people or circumstances rule your life and dictate what you do or don’t do.
At least YOU don’t have to think about it.
But I am going to tell you this: It IS going to get frustrating. REALLY frustrating.

Because you can only create your dream life and dream business if you follow YOUR alignment and other people can NEVER tell what YOUR alignment is.
I LOVE people. But most people will just think about what they are going to GET from you. They are not REALLY interested in what’s best for YOU.

So get to KNOW yourself.
And get to LOVE yourself.
You deserve to manifest ALL your dreams.
And the only thing you have to do is to align your beliefs with the reality you want to create.
Yes, I know it’s not super simple haha. It takes practice, and you have to be really brave and trust yourself. But I will do my VERY best to support you on this journey on EVERY possible level.

I think in the next energy reading we are going to learn more about this theme and how this works for you and what you can do about it.
I am not 100% sure yet how the energy reading is going to play out yet, but I feel that it is going to a wonderful next step.

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Love, Maartje

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