Do you feel stuck?
Do you feel tension?
Are you stressed out?
Do you feel tired?
Do you have a lack of energy?
Are you in pain?

There is one big reason that you feel this way:

You have assumptions about what you NEED to do.
About what you SHOULD do to get certain results.

You are STUCK in expectations.
Expectations you have about yourself that are NOT in alignment to who you REALLY are.

Because who you REALLY are is a Soul.
Who you REALLY are is SOUL energy. LOVE.

And THINKING that you need to DO certain things or need to BE a specific person to “get what you want” is NOT divine truth.
Thinking that OTHER people NEED to show up for you in a certain way or behave in a certain way for YOU to be happy is NOT in alignment with the TRUTH of Creation: love.
That’s NOT love.
It’s fear.

And it’s REALLY time to set yourself and everyone else FREE to be who you REALLY are!

And because you believe in something that’s NOT Divine truth, it’s not working.
And you feel stuck.

And feeling stuck can manifest in a million different way, but you just feel that something is “off.”
You feel that you want things to be different.

So how can you fix this?
How can you get into alignment with who you truly are?

1. First: sign up for the Ultimate Manifesting program HERE.

I will teach you how to look at Creation and manifesting what you want from who you REALLY are.
In the Ultimate Manifesting Program, I go BEYOND the Law of Attraction and combine manifesting with the TRUE spiritual journey, the journey of your Soul.

2. Then start Aligning to who you really are ever single day.

When you receive the Ultimate Manifesting Program, you will also get access to my free Alignment Journal. You can use that to align with the energy of Source every single day.

3. And then start living the true Spiritual Journey.

Start finding out who you really are.
What you REALLY desire.
Start believing in LOVE.
Start opening your heart.
And living from the present moment and creating IN that present moment.

Love is the ONLY Creative power in the Universe.

But most people try to Create from a place of FEAR.

But as a Soul, we come from Source (God)
And Source always takes care of us.

And the more you get into alignment with who you truly are (Your SOUL) the more you see that Source always takes care of you.

As long as you try to do it all by yourself (your Human self that is), you will feel tired, depleted, and stuck.
You don’t have to do it alone. Source will GUIDE you. Source will take care of you.
And the more you can surrender to that Divine truth, the more easy your life will become.

But if you start living this way, your fears will come up.

You WILL get scared that you will lose what’s important to you.
You may feel a little lost.
Fears of rejection, being alone, being separated or unlovable or other fears will come up.

But they are NOT coming up because those fears are TRUE.
They come up so you can LET THEM GO.
So you can transform your fears into LOVE.

And with every fear you let go, you will feel freer.
And with every person you set free, YOU will become more free to be YOU.
You will feel more connected to the essence of who you really are and to Source (God.)
And the more connected you feel, the easier it will become to surrender to life and to what life wants to create THROUGH you.

This is what it is, Powerful Creator: If you try to create from a place of FEAR, it will NEVER work.
If you take actions or try to “accomplish” something because you THINK you need to do it or you THINK it’s what is being expected from you or because you want to “control” life, it’s NEVER going to work.

Because thoughts come from the Ego, and the Ego is creating from FEAR.

If you THINK: “If I just do this, or take this action, or stay in this relationship just a little longer, or just keep doing this thing a little longer, THEN everything will be ok and I can finally start enjoying life”, it’s NEVER going to work.

Because it’s NOT in alignment with who you really are or what you meant to be doing.
You CAN’T manifest abundance from a vibration of lack.
You can’t SACRIFICE yourself in order to shift to LOVE.

It works the other way around.
You have to ALIGN first, and THEN stuff will happen.

And I get how scary that can be.
Letting go is scary to the Ego. But the Ego is NOT who you TRULY are.
It’s JUST something you can OBSERVE.

And besides: you can make it more EASY for yourself.
For example by signing up for my Manifest Magically Academy.
You will get the inspiration and the coaching to actually start making these shifts.

I am always ready to let everything go that isn’t in alignment.
I will do the stuff that’s hard and difficult so you can SEE that it’s ALWAYS safe to let go. And in my programs, I am always honest about what I am going through or what is actually needed to make this shift.
Getting into alignment with my life and business and helping my clients get into alignment is my first priority. EVERY single day.
I don’t have to WORK for it, because it’s who I AM.
And signing up for one of my program’s will automatically start helping you shift into who YOU really are because all my content is geared towards accomplishing that goal.

So start knowing that you don’t have to do this alone.
The Universe has your back.
Life is here to SUPPORT you. NOT to let you struggle.

And I would also LOVE to support you on a deeper level.

You can sign up for my FREE Ultimate Manifesting program HERE. I look forward to co-creating!

Love, Maartje