When it comes to manifestation and creation, our desires are a vital part of the creation process.
A lot of people think that desires are egotistical, or that, in order to become truly happy, you have to let go of your desires.
But that’s not true.
Our desires are our guiding lights when it comes to creation.
Our desires let us see where we can grow, expand and add to everything that is.

And that might be a little bit hard for people to get, because desires are often coupled with being egotistical.
But there is a difference between soul desires and ego desires.

Soul desires are desires that are coming from deep within.
They often have to do with creativity, purpose, personal growth, connection and expressing yourself.

Ego desires often come from a place of lack.
“I HAVE to have this thing, because if I don’t get it, I will be unhappy.”

ANY time you are attached to a desire like this, the Universe will intervene by NOT manifesting what you desire.
Attachment is the biggest reason people often don’t get what they want.
They grow impatient.
They think they can’t be happy if the thing won’t show up.

But that is always a lie.
Manifesting is NEVER about getting “the thing” or the money or the soulmate.
It’s ALWAYS about the inner journey.

You can only get the money if you align with that wealthy you FIRST.
You can only get the success if you align with your successful self first.
You can only get the soulmate if you are connected to YOUR soul.

NONE of these things will “complete you” OR make you happy.

So why then pursue any of it, you might think?
Well, creation is not really about pursuing things.
It’s about finding vibrational alignment with whatever it is you desire. And when the alignment is there, the thing you desire JUST.SHOWS.UP.
It can’t NOT show up.
Because you ARE energetically aligned with the frequency of the desire.
And the Universe will always present to you in your life all the things that you are an energetic match with.

And that is also the secret to making a quantum leap when it comes to manifesting what you want.
Because most people feel the desire.
And the desire is an indication for what your soul wants to align with on an energetic level. That’s why the human part of you has the desire.
And what most people then do is: they try to take ACTIONS to manifest what they want.
But because you haven’t found alignment yet with what you desire, it can’t show up yet.
So either you keep taking actions and keep raising your frequency if that feels best OR put your alignment work first and THEN take the actions.

For example, if you want to manifest more money, ask yourself these questions:

How would you FEEL if you would have the money?
How can you practice the feeling of having the money?
What would you have to lose or give up to become that wealthy you?
Who is holding you back when it comes to receiving more money?
Who do you have to let go of when it comes to receiving more money?
What behaviors are no match to being that wealthy you?

And so on.
Practice those thoughts and feelings and imprint them in your energy field every day.

Tell yourself every day:

You are worthy of being rich.
It’s easy to receive money.
The money will always show up.
Money is everywhere.
You can generate SO much energy that money will come into your life in abundance.
And so forth.

Commit to the inner journey you have to take in order to become that energetic match. There is no “recipe” or checklist, just our own individual journeys.

And the most important thing when it comes to manifestation is this:

Practice detachment.
EVERYTHING your soul needs to thrive in your life and business WILL show up.
Everything will show up at exactly the right time.

And don’t stress about it. Your Soul KNOWS what it needs!
A lot of people doubt themselves a lot when it comes to what they truly want:

Do I go for the job or start my own business?
Do I move here OR there?
Do I stay with this person or go to that person?

But your soul always knows the answer.

If you let go of:
Everything society and everyone in your life has ever taught you.
The voices you hear in your head from friends, family and the collective?
What is “appropriate,” safe or the most “logical” thing to do.
Your fears and doubts.
Your own judgments and the judgments other people have of you.
Everyone’s expectations and the expectations you have of yourself.

And just sink in your heart and really feel. What is the answer you get?
And that’s just it. It’s as simple as that.

UNTIL you start to think again … haha.
And the doubting starts all over again.
Well, and then, of course, you can just repeat the same exercise until trust and following your intuition and letting go of voices, doubts, fears, and judgments is second nature.
Until that is just the person you ARE.
That person that is SO connected to soul that it just KNOWS and allows herself or himself to always follow soul guidance because the Universe will guide you there anyway. ALWAYS. And you can either listen now OR later. But most of the time what happens, is that life will create some contrast in order for you to finally start listening.
But the more connected you are to soul, the less you feel like going into judgment, fear, scarcity, lack or whatever low vibrational feelings.

You just want to KEEP experience the tingles in your body.
That deep level of trust.
That sense of exhilaration.

And nothing and nobody is worth leaving alignment behind.

And if you TRULY get it and practice it enough, creation and life, in general, becomes really simple.

ALL you have to do is this:

Ask for what you want.
Align with what you want.
Become a vibrational match.
Let go of everything that isn’t aligned with what you want.
Take inspired actions when they present themselves.
And just be open to receiving and enjoy every second of your beautiful life and of all the deliciousness that comes your way.

The Universe is here to support you.
Everyone in your life shows up to deepen the connection you have with your soul.
Every situation is a gift to move closer to your divine self and become a more powerful creator.

You are being loved, ALWAYS!

Love you!


— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

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