[My Twin Soul Journey] Ego versus Soul

I recently did an online workshop in my Manifest Magically Academy with the title: “How to live and Manifest from Soul.”
It’s EASY to teach about it. It’s a WHOLE other thing to really LIVE it haha.
This week has been an amazing opportunity for me to LIVE it.

This is the most vulnerable blog I have written on this topic. But I will DO it anyway. Because I made a commitment and I see how many people I help with sharing my journey. THANK you for all your emails and sharing your personal stories with me!

My Ego says: “Don’t share about it Maartje. You are not sure about ANY of this. People might think you are crazy. HE might think you are crazy (if he reads this) for not moving on. He might even be MAD at you for not letting HIM go. You could be totally wrong about this.”

And some people who have never experienced (or have chosen to create haha) this, are also telling me: “Just move on, he is not worth it. Look at what he DID. You deserve MORE.”
And I can relate to that. I have a friend who is in a twin flame experience, and 3 years ago I also had a judgment around it — thinking how strange it was that she didn’t just move on and find someone else who is amazing to be with. I couldn’t relate to it at ALL not having that experience for myself.

But my Soul says: “DON’T move on. You are NOT imagining this. This IS real.”
And it doesn’t come from a place of neediness or dependence or not loving or valuing myself.
I actually REALLY value myself a LOT more these days.
I am learning to love myself fully.
I AM truly committed to only experiencing the Big Love I desire. I even sent a message to Mr. Hunkey that I really can’t meet him and have contact with him. I already KNOW that he is NOT the one. Why waste my time and energy on ANYBODY that isn’t 100% Soul aligned?

So it’s NOT that I can’t be by myself.
I actually feel happier and happier, just being by myself.
I always was scared to NOT be in a relationship because I was SO scared that I would never find anyone who would love me again. Now I don’t feel that anymore because I love MYSELF. (AND btw men are just everywhere and totally loving me these days haha)
The fact IS, that I am TRULY open for Big Love and my Soul guides me from moment to moment where to align to and what to work on.

I know, every 10 seconds, I can make a different decision.
One of the things we need to learn, living in this 3D world but manifesting from the 5D, is living in the present moment. NOT focus on the past or the future. Because everything that will EVER happen to you, happens at THIS moment.
We can’t predict the future. Yes, you can predict the future, based on someone’s CURRENT energy, but that can change from moment to moment, anytime we make a different choice or shift a belief or shift energy.
And ALL I can do is align with my highest energy possible in every moment. And I am still doing that.
I am still on the path of surrender and connecting to God and manifesting FROM that place of surrender and connection.

I am not afraid to be “wrong” about this, because there is nothing to be “wrong” about. It’s just another adventure and another chance to learn some important life lessons.
It’s JUST another creation.
I think, one of my lessons, is to REALLY learn to listen to my intuition on an even deeper level. And I KNOW what my intuition tells me about this journey and now I can TRUST it.

A big part of this week, for me, was about getting clarity around my question: “Is he my twin flame or not?”
I asked for signs and the Universe bent over backward to deliver me these signs.
I got confirmation on SO many different levels.
And maybe I will slip back in doubt a couple of times more, but now I know how I can move past it.

I know I am an amazing and powerful creator. In my heart, I believe I can create everything I want.
Yes, sometimes it takes me a while to really GET there.
But that’s ok.
We have an infinite number of lives to manifest and create what our Soul calls us to create, so we never have to stress about how fast things are going.
Sometimes we need a LOT of lessons to shift our energy to the point that we are 100% in alignment with what we want to manifest.
And I KNOW this. That’s why I would never give up on a dream or desire. Or let myself belief thoughts like:

“Apparently it’s not meant to be.”
“I guess it’s not my time yet.”
“I guess I just need to accept that I will never get there/ manifest that.”
“I guess the Universe has a different path for me, and I have to let go of my desires.”
“I guess I have to settle for less.”

I ONLY let go of desires when I come to the conclusion that it’s not actually what I WANT. If it IS what I want, I give my ALL to it. No matter what it takes, or how long it takes.

So this week I answered the question: “Do I WANT this? Do I WANT to manifest him back into my life?”
I know a LOT of Law of Attraction teachers will teach you that it’s not possible to manifest a specific person into your life. I don’t believe that. I think it IS possible.

The Law of Attraction teaches us this:
“What you desire, desires you.”

If you HAVE a desire, it’s already there on a spiritual level. All the recourses, knowledge and possibilities you need are already THERE on an energetic level.
Why would that be true for everything EXCEPT manifesting a specific person? The problem is, when MOST people want to manifest a specific person, it comes from a place of “neediness” or co-dependency. It’s not actually a SOUL desire. They “need” the other person to make them happy and that is NEVER going to work. I believe that in MOST cases there is indeed somebody that is better suited for them. I, however, highly doubt that that is the case for me at this moment. But, eventually, I will find out, I guess 🙂

And, as I shared before, my Soul gave me confirmation after confirmation that he IS my twin flame.
So I made a decision that I am going to manifest this. I AM going to manifest our Union.
My friend Sabriye, who guides twins on their Twin Flame Journey, always says: The twin flame journey is not just another “Boy meets girl love story, It’s a Divine mission.”

Maybe it was about the love and being in love and how he made me feel at first. But because of our separation, I really dove in deep when it came to the topic of the Twin Flame Union.
This is NOT something I (only) do for ME or my EGO me that just wants to be loved.
Letting him go and “just” manifesting another love would, in fact, be easier, but it’s just not something I am being guided to do now.
Twin Flames have a shared purpose, and I think I already know what that purpose is.
And it is a really important one.
So I committed myself to manifesting our Union.

So this is what I am going to do to make that happen:

1. I am going to focus on ME fully.

I learned that the pitfall for most twins that are not in Union is that they tend to blame the other twin. And I could easily do that too.
“He doesn’t communicate with me.”
“He doesn’t want anything to do with me.”
“He left me.”
“He still has a “Karmic” partner, and they have stuff to figure out first.”
But I learned that that is not even relevant. We are 2 parts of the same soul. Twins are always mirroring each other.
So I have to get into Divine Union with MYSELF and MY mission. As soon as I am there, he will be there too. It’s just how it is.
I have to shift to the frequency where I am FULLY receiving Divine love, WHATEVER the circumstances are.
I am just going to keep focussing on MY alignment, my business and serving people in the highest way possible.
I got some downloads for what I need to do next, and I am just going to do it and focus on that.
I am going to shift my alignment, meditation and manifesting practice to the next level.

2. I am going to shift from “one day” to NOW.

Another pitfall with manifesting something is that you keep it in the future. I am going to shift to him “someday” being back, to him being here NOW.
Of course, still while surrendering to the amount of linear time this will take.
But it’s not important if I need a couple of days, weeks, months or years to manifest this. And if I write down: “Years,” I think: “Omg, that is SO long, I can’t deal with that.” And then I even haven’t included that it could take a couple of LIFETIMES Haha. (I don’t really BELIVE that tough.)
So there STILL is some shifting there for me to do. Because ANY attachment to how long it will take is a confirmation in itself that it isn’t here NOW and that you can’t be fully happy without it showing up AND it will keep being a future manifestation.
But I KNOW how this works. I have done that a million times before, so I have confidence that I can shift that pretty quickly.

3. I am going to FULLY align with the story of him and me being together.

Twins are supposed to be together. They are drawn to each other like magnets. The Universe also WANTS them to be together because they have a Divine Purpose to fulfill.
I read that, once you have the experience of being together with your twin flame and experienced a relationship not only on the 3D, but also on the 5D, that NO other 3D relationship will EVER make you truly happy.
I already FEEL that. I am not even INTERESTED in other men. And, although I miss the sex, If it isn’t with him, I am NOT interested in it at this moment.

Knowing that about 3D and 5D relationships in the twin flame journey, I also can’t be mad at him. At first, I thought: “Yes, it’s easy for him, because he is just with his girlfriend again.” But I read and heard that for that partner IN another relationship it’s JUST as hard. Because he took on a BIG task for himself to learn about relationship and connection and self-love and to stay fully connected to his mission this way.
He probably is confused too. Not knowing what is going on.
He is probably thinking about me JUST as much. Trying HARD to push me out of his mind and his energy field so he can focus on HER, not knowing why that it is so hard to do.
And I don’t know if he is reading my blogs. But even if he IS, he can’t probably DO a lot with this information. Because we both have our own process. Right now, he probably still is in the process of trying to connect with his girlfriend and not being able to form that soul-fulfilling relationship he SO deeply desires to have with her. And he needs some time to learn that that is just never going to happen with her because she fulfills a different purpose than the relationship he and I have.

And one of the things that is the WORST thing for a man to experience is to see his women unhappy or even worse: leaving his family and having the feeling of NOT being able to take care of them the way he feels he wants to. It takes EVERYTHING from a man to NOT let that affect his masculinity. But I have faith in him that he will work through that and that he will also start to see that he is a powerful creator, that he can manifest EVERYTHING from a place of 100% alignment and that the Universe supports him, or WHATEVER the lesson for him is there.

But anyway, as I wrote before, that is not even relevant for MY journey.
I am going to focus on seeing him as the person that is already in Union with me.
I am going to see him as connected to HIS purpose and HIS desires.
Living with an open heart and his chakra’s open and his energy flowing.
His energy being wide and open and the most powerful person he can be.
I am going to visualize the love he has for me, and I am going to work on being able to fully receive this love.
And a couple of things more. I already wrote them down 😉
The Universe will do the rest and set up the energy and guides him.
I don’t even need to ASK this. I know it’s already happening.
I am going to focus on how it feels when we are together and how our life would look like and clear up all the doubts and fears and limiting beliefs that I still hold on to when it comes to that.

4. And ….. I am probably not going to blog about it anymore for now.

Every time I write a blog like this, I am affirming that he is NOT here. So I probably won’t be sharing about this for a little while to avoid other people projecting thoughts and energy on to me, making it harder for me to align with what I need to align with.

But …. just as a little experiment. Maybe you can take a couple of seconds to send me some love AND be mindful what energy you DO project onto this. If you ever find yourself wondering how it is with my Twin Flame Union manifesting process, just visualize we are already together 😉

And … of course… if I manifest Union, I will definitely share about it. Maybe we will even do that together. We talked about sharing about relationships when we would be together because (when we were still together) aligning with our shared vision was a beautiful process.
Apparently, I needed the separation to discover that we are not just Soulmates, but that our relationship is on yet another level and learn about self-love, detachment, surrender and manifesting from the 5D (and maybe some more.)
And, he also still had some more inner work to do.
And, if I discover something that I feel I REALLY need to share, I will also do that.
AND … in the case I STILL might be wrong, of course, I will share about that too, and I trust I am doing all this work to manifesting my REAL twin flame.
I can’t really imagine at this point that I AM wrong, but you never know 🙂

5. Taking aligned action and letting God do the work.

My biggest job is getting into alignment and take the inspired actions I get.
God (or the Universe, or whatever feels right to you) is making sure that the rest happens and I heard SO clearly that I can just trust that.
There is already SO much shifting and happening.

And …. I am going to REALLY enjoy this. This is SO valuable for me to learn. Because with life and business and money you can have the “illusion” that you can take actions in the physical to change your physical reality.
That is NOT an option for me here.
I notice that every time I contact him, I push him away further. He also CAN’T answer my messages. He either has to lie and say that he has no feelings for me anymore (which I don’t believe ANYWAY.) OR he has to admit to what he feels and that it is going to confuse him even more at this exact moment (that could be totally different the next moment, because in order to get clarity, often ONE insight is enough.)
So in this case, I can ONLY “work” on getting myself in alignment and trusting God to the rest. And to trust that my physical reality changes because my INNER reality changes.
And that is really EXACTLY how I have wanted to create for over a year. But I never really followed through 100%. I kept letting myself fall back into 3D manifesting instead of 5D manifesting because I was afraid that it wouldn’t “work” if I would let go.
Now I HAVE to let the 3D manifesting go. There really is no choice.

This WHOLE twin flame thing has put my manifesting power on OVERDRIVE.
Also in other areas of my life, I am experiencing magic.
I got re-connected with my purpose on a DEEP level and manifesting amazing things left and right.

That’s why I want to do a FREE training on Manifestation in English AND in Dutch on the topic: “How to magnetically pull in everything and everyone you desire.”

Manifesting is ALL about energy and becoming MAGNETIC.
Let go of working hard!
Let go of DOING a LOT and never really getting where you want to be.
It’s about connection and surrender!

In this free training, I am going to teach you ALL about 5D manifesting.
It’s going to be AMAZING.

This training WILL be recorded en you WILL receive the replay after signing up, but I am going to share something REALLY special if you are there live, so DON’t miss it!

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Love, Maartje


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Love Maartje

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