So the topic of this blog is all about letting go.
If you are into manifesting, you will hear people say this a lot: “Let it go.”

(Who else is now singing the Frozen song in its head? Haha. Or is it just me?)

So what does that mean? Letting go?
How can you “let go” of something that you want REALLY bad?
And how does that work? You have to align with it AND let it go at the same time?

That’s confusing for a lot of people. So in this blog, I will explain some more about it.

So no, you don’t have to let go of the desire.
You can use all the alignment tools in the world, all you want, as long as it lifts up your vibration.
As soon as alignment tools lower your vibration and get you in a state of attachment and pulling and pushing, you need to create more space for yourself.

When people think about letting something go (or someone), they think about “giving up.”

It’s NOT about that! AT ALL.

So what DO you need to let go of?

1. Let go of any attachment you feel around your desire.

It will BE there when you are an energetic match with your desire.
So you can pull at it in the 3D (In your physical reality) ALL you want, but if you are not in alignment with what you want, it’s NOT going to show up.
Or not the way you really want it to be there.

So let go of the attachment.
Turn inwards.

For example: if you want that Soul fulfilling relationship and it’s not in your reality yet.
Relax, turn inwards.
Become ONE with love.
Open up your heart.
Follow your passion.
Raise your frequency.
And then take the aligned actions you feel called to take.
Go to places to meet people if you feel CALLED to go there.
Sign up for a dating site if you feel CALLED to sign up.

The same goes for manifesting money.
Do you want more money and isn’t it there yet?
Let go of your outer (3D) reality where the money is NOT there.
Turn inwards.
Be grateful for the money that IS already there.
Let the energy of money flow through you.
Heal ALL the blocks and limiting beliefs that stand between you and the amount of money you want to receive.
Become in alignment with what you want to manifest.
Follow your purpose and your passion.
Raise your money frequency.
Take the aligned actions you feel called to take.
SERVE people and show up in your business. EVERY single day. That’s ALL making money is about. Show up for people in the most valuable way, and they will “thank you” with giving you money.

It will be there at exactly the right time at exactly the right moment!
It’s not the PURPOSE of this reality that everything shows up in an instant. People aren’t THERE yet. We have too many fragmented thoughts, and we don’t know ourselves well enough for instant manifestations.
Because most people want something different every other minute. What if EVERYTHING you wanted in every second showed up instantly? It would be ONE big mess.
The fact that manifesting is a process and you can adjust your desires and your energetic frequency, is NOT a mistake. You NEED this. It’s designed that way so you can LEARN to focus your attention and grow your awareness. This is the way you learn HOW to manifest stuff.

And instant manifestations become more frequent if you KNOW yourself and you are more in alignment with who you are and what you want. Because your focus is less fragmented and therefore you are more and more asking for things that you are already in alignment with.

2. Let go of the bigness of it and the belief that it is difficult.

If you see your desire as something that is “big” or difficult or far away, you are not yet in alignment with it.
The things that are already in your life don’t feel to you as “big.”
They just “are” there.
So relax in the energy of what you want to receive.

You CAN have the money you want.
You CAN have the relationship you want.
You CAN manifest EVERYTHING you want.
You are Source energy. You are made up of the same energy that created this whole reality and the planet and ALL the Universes inside our Reality. And also ALL the money and ALL the people in this reality.
So, if you look at it like that, what’s 10.000 euro’s a month? Nothing right?
Manifesting a Soulfullfiling relationship with ONE person, is NOTHING compared to manifesting 8 BILLION people.

Make your desires smaller.
It’s really NOT that hard ok?

3. Let go of the HOW.

You are responsible for the WHAT.
What do you want?
You have to ask for what you want.
You have to express your desires to the Universe.

But the Universe (God) is responsible for the HOW.
Let go of HOW stuff shows up in your life.
Just follow your alignment in every single moment.

Align with the energy of what you want and then follow your inspiration to take actions.
Follow your Bliss.
It WILL get there.
And if it doesn’t come, that only means that there is something better on its way.
But, if you now already think: “But HOW? HOW HOW HOW will it get here Maartje? I NEED to know. I NEED that certainty.”

Well, that’s a HEAVY dose of attachment.
So, just start reading from point 1 again 😉

Look, I GET how challenging it can be to trust. But that ONLY gets easier when you start to focus at all the ways the Universe already takes care of you. And as soon as you start paying attention to THAT instead of the fear that comes from your ego mind, your whole reality begins to change.
Just practice trust every single day!

4. Let go of living in the past or the future.

So, another thing that you need to let go of, is living in the past or the future.
Everything happens in the NOW.
If you think about the past, you think about it in the NOW.
If you think about the future, you are thinking about it in the NOW.

Your desires aren’t something that will get here in the future. When they appear in your life, it’s in the NOW.
So make your now’s as amazing as you possibly can.
If you notice you wander out into the past or the future, bring your awareness back to the now.
Find something to be grateful for in the now.
Relax in the now — breath in and breath out.
Know that everything is perfect, just the way it is.

5. Let go of the thought that you can only be happy if “the thing” shows up.

So, this is definitely something that blocks people, when it comes to manifesting.
And I write about it a LOT.
It’s an illusion that you can only be happy if what you want shows up.
NOTHING you will ever want is outside of you.
Everything you desire, you already possess inside of you.

I talk about how this works in the free training I gave last week (links at the bottom of this blog.)

6. Letting go of everything and everyone that is not aligned with your desires.

So, if you want something to happen, you have to break with everything that isn’t in alignment with what you want.
The Universe IS going to test you.
It IS going to bring situations on your path that resonate with what you created before, just to see if you will say “no” to it.
Well, it’s not actually “the Universe” testing you. It’s that you are shifting from one level of vibration to another and you are not totally clear yet on your new boundaries, so you attract situations that reflect that mixed vibration. AFTER you say no to what you DON’T want and you fully support your no, new chances and possibilities and people will show up.

7. Let go of the need to “get” it all.

Your thoughts are amazing when you go to the grocery store, and you have to remember what to take home.
Or to schedule your calendar.
Or to remember your mom’s birthday.
You know, practical stuff.

But your thoughts are NOT going to help you in manifesting your Souls desires.
Thoughts can really be low vibrational little bitches.
Especially when your ego gets in between.

Have you ever thought: “How could I be SO wrong about something or someone?”
Chances are, if you look back, that you were mostly in it with your head instead of your heart and your soul.
Probably you already “felt” that what you were doing or the person that you wanted to believe SO bad, wasn’t going to be the biggest contribution for you.
But you ignored it.
You wanted it to work out SO bad.
You really wanted to believe that person.
It would be so much EASIER if it would just work out as you planned.

And you ignored your gut feeling.
You ignored that little pit in your stomach.
You ignored that slight “off” feeling when you looked into the other person eyes.
Or WHATEVER the feeling was.
You brushed it off. Saying to yourself that you probably were wrong. That you can make it work. That they ARE going to change.
That you don’t know them yet, so why not give them (another) change.

But then it smacks you in the face.
Of course, it’s not working out.
And when you look back, you HAVE to admit, you already KNEW it.
Well, not with your MIND. Your mind was doing it’s BEST to talk you into it.
But you FELT it.
But it wasn’t too obvious. The feeling was SO small.
And we live in a society that we have to rationalize everything and making decisions because you have a “feeling” about it, is still not accepted.

And I saw it happening LOTS of times the other way around too: That people where SO sure about how something was and they let other people talk them into “letting go” because they needed to stay realistic or people were lying to them or projecting their limiting beliefs onto them.

So YOU have to dial down the thoughts and start following your intuition.
You have to start trusting yourself.
You have to learn a couple of times that following your monkey mind is only going to cost you dearly.
I always say this: Life is just TOO short.
JUST be happy ok.
And try to be REALLY happy.
How old are you now? 30? 40?
And it has FLOWN by. The rest of your life will go JUST as fast. Make every moment count ok?

So to sum it up: no, you DON’T have to let go of your desires. You want what you want — nothing you can do about that.

Letting go has MUCH more to do with “surrender” then with “giving up.”

Surrender to your desires.
Surrender to all the magical ways that the Universe can bring stuff in your life.
Surrender to the magic that life is.
Surrender to your highest vibration possible.
Surrender to the guidance of the Universe.
Surrender to all that you are.
Surrender to trust.
Surrender to when and how things will show up in your life.
Surrender to if it EVER shows up.
Surrender to LOVE.

Love, Maartje