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Hey beautiful co-creator!

I help High-Level Crazy & Powerful Creators and visionary business leaders create their EPIC life and their transformational business in complete alignment with the Universal Laws of Creation. I help them to create 100% Alignment in every area of their lives!

I am so honored you are here!

My name is Maartje Koper and I am a Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach for spirited mission entrepreneurs, creatives, artists and performers, and anyone who wants to earn money by just being themselves.

I am going to help you to heal your money blocks, start living your mission in the most powerful way possible, and create the life and business you were born for, from 100% alignment.

I believe you can HAVE IT ALL! And I’m going to help you to become a conscious creator and a MASTER Manifestor so you can manifest EVERYTHING your soul want and needs to fulfill its highest potential.

My vision is to help create a world in which every soul lives in alignment with their individual truth in accordance to the Universal Laws of Creation, so that they can live their highest vision and create a life filled with love, abundance and joy.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re an adventurer and a free spirit. You believe there is “more” to life, you have big dreams and you want to make those dreams come true. At a soul level, you believe and know that you can attain anything you are longing for!
  • You are longing for a life in complete freedom and you want to create YOUR life, YOUR way!
  • You don’t fit into any box, there is only one YOU, and you want to fully express that you to the world. Beaten paths are not your thing, you want to choose your own path!
  • You have turned your passion and/or life’s goal into your business (or you want to do that).
  • You don’t just want to live your life, but you want to create your life yourself. Together with other wonderful creators!
  • You feel you’re being led, and you feel that GREAT things are waiting for you! Yes, you finally want to come out and say it: You are born for greatness!

You where born to create a life and business from 100% alignment!

  • I will help you to connect to the abundance that is always present for you and live in accordance to the powerful laws of the Universe.
  • I will teach you all about the energy of money.
  • I will teach you how money really works and how you can attract it when you want it, so you really get to experience financial freedom in your life.
  • I will help you to heal your blocks and manifest everything you want in your life and your business.
  • I will help you to start living your mission here on earth.
  • I will help you to tap into the energy of your true mission, and I will teach you how to package it so you can earn money from it (lots of money!)
  • I will help you to build your most aligned business.
  • I will help you with magnetic marketing strategies.
  • I will help you to bring your blocks to the surface and heal them, so you can manifest the life and business that you are here on earth for.
  • I will help you to feel and experience that the Universe always takes care of you and helps you IN EVERY POSSIBLE way to fulfill your deepest desires.
  • I will help you create an aligned action plan.
  • I will inspire you to 10x your income, your business and your happiness and be the most powerful creator you know!

Who am I and what is my mission?

I get up every day with the desire and drive to create my dream life as a conscious creator, and to learn all there is about how we create our own reality. I have a deep-set drive to get ALL there is out of life! My personal journey has connected me to the Law of Attraction. And it has brought me so many wonderful answers. The Law of Attraction taught me that everything is possible, and that life can be wonderful and easy and that happiness and fulfillment are within reach for each and every one of us. And the biggest gift I have given myself

My personal journey has connected me to the Law of Attraction. And it has brought me so many wonderful answers. The Law of Attraction taught me that everything is possible, and that life can be wonderful and easy and that happiness and fulfillment are within reach for each and every one of us.

But this journey hasn’t always been easy for me!

In the back of my head there always been this small voice telling me I was born for greatness, and that I could manifest all of my dreams! But that hasn’t always been the life I have lived…

There were times in my life where things were really rough on me. I have struggled with a couple of intense addictions and have been very depressed. I felt worthless, and that I would never matter in this lifetime. Aside from that there were many other problems in my life: jobs I stranded in time and again, a burn-out and I was diagnosed with ADD.

When I was 23 years old, I hit a brick wall. One morning I arrived at work, and literally all I could do was cry. So, this is it? I wondered. Was this the life I had to lead? I just couldn’t do it anymore. Lucky for me, I still had that small voice in the back of my head, and it whispered that life didn’t have to be like this and that it could be different. From that moment on I tried to let that voice guide me. In my search for answers, I came across the Law of Attraction. Slowly but surely all the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place. I learned to take full responsibility for my life. I learned how I was the creator of my life, and I learned how to create my life in a positive way instead of creating it in the destructive way I had been until that moment. AND I learned what my passions were: writing and learning all there is to know about the Law of Attraction.

By learning about the Law of Attraction and applying that knowledge, great transformations took place in my life, and I learned how to create a life for myself that REALLY felt like home.

In the years that followed, I took a self-created Masters in the Law of Attraction. If there would have been a real Masters in the Law of Attraction I would have taken it. But there was no such thing, so I have created it myself. Over the years I have spent over 100,000 dollars on learning from the best coaches. I have taken dozens of online courses about manifestation and I have read hundreds of books. Since I was 23 I have been a dedicated student of this matter and even now I am still learning more and more about how we are creating our own reality and what is needed to do that in the most powerful yet effortless way possible.

In 2014, I quit my job in employment to REALLY start creating my dream life and my dream business, and only then did I find out how many blocks I really had in place around money, visibility, marketing and business. It was SO clear to me then that I had stayed stuck in jobs that made me unhappy, for thw wrong reasons. And it was then that I also figured out what is needed to earn money with your passion. It is SO deeply rooted in our system that money is difficult and can only come in by working hard and by suffering,  But with all I had learned by studying the Law of Attraction, I was able to break through every money block that crossed my path, again and again. And I still am doing that today.

That helped me to make twice as much as I had ever done in my job in employment in only 15 months. And after 3 years I was earning over 50,000 dollars per month and that still felt as just the beginning of what is possible. And you will always hear me say the same thing: it’s not about the money, it’s about money being a powerful transformation tool that challenges you to claim your full space, and that challenges you to always grow to the next level.

Can I support you in creating a life and business from 100% Alignment?

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